Saturday , July 31 2021

The man went to hospital after a pause, a serious assault

A man is in hospital after he was seriously injured in a break and entered Thursday night.

The Kalgari police were summoned to a block from 68th Avenue S. for pause reports and enter.

With a police escort, a man was transferred to hospital in a critical condition, potentially life-threatening.

A neighbor said he had heard a door being hit before the police quickly happened on the stage.

"This seems to be the worst street in this area," says Ryan Wagger, who lives near where a violent break and entry took place.

"Two nights in a row (last week) someone was arrested right against the fence, the next night, the same thing. There are many policemen (in the area)."

Megan Smith, who also lives near the scene of the crime, said that seeing policemen in the area is not an unusual phenomenon.

"There is a large homeless population in the area, so there are many things that happen with that," she said, adding she was not upset by police presence.

"I heard from neighbors quite, there are many stolen cars (near the crime scene). It's kind of area."

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