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The make-up pictures allegedly reveal films about the discarded monsters

While the monsters of Netflix's film blockbuster Bird Box are too psychologically harmful to the characters of the film to see, your eyes were too scary for the audience, and never appeared on the screen in the movie.

Now, thanks to some reported photos behind the Instagram stage, you can finally see them Bird Boxbabies-like monsters for themselves.

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These images were published by SFX Atlas, a group that features impressive practical special effects. The very creature was created in the KNB EFX Group, a special effects studio, which worked on productions like Living Dead and The Chronicles of Narnia series. Instagram's rate continues to be approved by Andy Bergholtz, who shapes and tramples prosthetics and Stephen Prouty, who went to set up and apply makeup for actor Dirk Rogers.

The pictures show three points of view of some extraordinary makeup and practical design of the effect. They show a nasty head, somehow too old and too young. Be eyes, teeth and hairy as a baby, but full of wrinkles and black, strange veins that break the entire head down to the neck like the bark of the desert floor.

While the creature never appears on the camera in the movie, it's interesting to know that there was a design in mind. Also in the Instagram article is a comment from the creator of the special effect of makeup Howard Berger, "It's always disappointing when so much effort goes to something that ends in the cutting edge, but I get it and it's always what's best for the final product ".

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Bird Box, for those who have managed to escape the cultural feeling, is a horror film that was released on Netflix on December 21, 2018. In the film, the character of Sandra Bullock blindly directs two little children through nature and protects them from creatures that cause people to be killed. Based on the novel of the same name from 2014 by Josh Malerman, the film had the best week to open any original Netflix movie.

While last year Quiet place, a similar performance story of sound-driven creatures that tease them in a glimpse before showing them completely to a great effect, the fans were divided by the decision to keep these monsters Bird Box. Although a deleted scene portraying the creature allegedly ended up looking "more unintentionally comical than terrible", the creature looks quite impressively in the above picture.

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