Friday , July 30 2021

The long-lasting clothing store that closes the shops of St. John

After 30 years of business in St. John, the Colwell model closes its men's and women's boutiques at the Brunswick square.

"We really enjoyed being in business," co-owner Catherine Johnston told Beijing on the day the business announced its forthcoming closure on Facebook.

Colwell began operations in Brunswick Square three decades ago as the only store at the third level of the mall, which carried male and female lines.

It expanded into two shops – one for men and one for women – in 2007.

Colwell's women's boutique opened in 2007. (Julia Wright / PSC)

The lease for the two spaces ends on January 31.

Colwell specializes in brands with high-end to medium-end brands, including Michael Cors, Judith and Charles, 7 for all humanity, Aileen Fisher, Cambio and McKeys.

The boutique is the latest in a series of clothing stores that are closed at Brunswick Square.

For the past 18 months, Su Suis Perst, Pseudio, and Kadam have gotten out of the city center.

Colwell sales will run by the end of the month. The independent clothing retailer is the latest in a series of businesses that are closed on the Brunswick square, including Je Suis Perst, Kadam and Pseudio. (Julia Wright / PSC)

Johnston attributed the closure of "many different factors", including the change in the retail climate in St. John and the rise in online shopping.

Colwell's fashion in St. John is a distinct entity from Colwell's Clothing, a retailer from Halifax who will continue to work, said Johnston.

"Overall, independent retailing is a challenge in St. John," said Johnston.

"We are very grateful for these 30 years. We thank all users and all employees who have offered exceptional customer service."

"We had a great start – and we are proud of what we have achieved."

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