Tuesday , August 3 2021

The last challenge and reward for the 14 Days of Fortnite is leaks

Given that the clock has already turned to 2019 for some, the "14 Fortnight Fortune" challenge comes to an end.

The final challenge will be to look at the chest, the exact number is not specified in the output of data extracted from the data.

A safe bet would be that players must search for 14 sponges, one for each day of the event.

This is somehow a huge final event, but the reward for it is pretty cool.

This disco-themed sailboat is the perfect element to help ring in the New Year with the only day that is truly world-class entertainment.

To find the chest, this map was put together to show the locations that have the highest amount of chest.

As you might expect, Tilted has the highest amount, but also the biggest match for them.

Personally, for these types of challenges, I prefer to give up the desert biome because I felt quite unpopular this season.

The rotation of paradise palm trees at the unnamed location on the coast in the desert to Fatal Fields has the potential to throw most of this challenge into one drop.

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