Sunday , May 16 2021

The high tech search company claims to have found Atlantis

If there is an archaeological find that will turn the world into a head, it will be the discovery of the lost city of Atlantis. Many were searching for the remains of mythical locals, but no one approached to actually find it, and researchers who claimed they had found it in the past all eventually turned out to be wrong.

Now, with a high-tech hardware package available, a company called Merlin Burrows believes that it may have finally determined the location where it once was. Needless to say, you need to get everything you read from this point with a huge amount of salt.

Thousands of years ago, Plato wrote about civilization, noting that his incredible technological achievements and wealth were not equal, and that the city was eventually destroyed by a terrible event. No one even really knows if Plato wanted his works to be taken as documentation of the existence of the city or just stitching yarn to serve as a warning against the dangers of excess, but that did not stop many people from searching for Atlantis.

Merlin Barrow, a land and sea search company specializing in finding "forgotten or hidden" things, is ready to publish a documentary about what she says, can finally be evidence that Atlantis is real.

The area around the Donjana National Park, between Cadiz and Seville, as it was in the time of Atlantis.
The area around the Donjana National Park, between Cadiz and Seville, as it was in the time of Atlantis.Magnus news agency

Speaking with live science, Merlin Burroughs CEO Bruce Blackburn said his company used satellite data to comb the area that it believed the group could be the location of the prosperous city. Their work began a few years ago and, according to Blackburn, the site was selected on the basis of Plato's writings, as well as other texts.

On the spot, located near the coast in the Donna Valley National Park in Spain, later clues were sought. Merlin Barrow says the company then discovered what she believed were the remains of temples and towers. The dating of the material, considered as early concrete, indicated that it is between 10,000 and 12,000 years old, which will correspond to the rough time frame when it is said that Atlantis existed.

A computer model of how British historians believe that the Atlanteans may have lived in small circular islands in the sea that today is the Donna Valley in Andalusia, southern Spain.
Magnus news agency

This is hardly the first time a group has been seeking a discovery of Atlantis, and it's not the first time researchers have suggested that the remains can sit at this specific location in Spain. However, Merlin Barrows says her upcoming documentary titled "Atlantica" will ask questions about vacation.

With so many false "finds" in the past, the archaeological community in general is rather exhausted at the Atlantis discoveries. If this really is the proof we all were waiting for, it would be an incredible achievement, but for now we will have to cross our fingers.

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