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The Hells Angels member, the drug dealer's daughter, is married to Montreal

Eni Arbic arrived with Hells Angel member Martin Robert in a convertible for their wedding in downtown Montreal on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

John Mahoney / Montreal newspaper

The wedding between a full member of Angels of Angels and the daughter of the notorious drug traffick drew members of organized crime Saturday in downtown Montreal.

Martin Robert (44) and Eni Arbic (32) were married in the Windsor Balloons in Montreal,

According to the newspaper de Montreal, among the nearly 300 invited were many members of the various branches of Hells Angels and people with links to the Montreal mafia and Ritztho clan.

As one former RCMP analyst analyst posted on Twitter, the "arrogance" at a wedding in downtown Montréal raises questions about the increasing sense of invincibility of the gang.

Police officers can be seen parked across the street and stationed near the entrance on Saturday, taking photographs and videos to document all attendees.

Riding in a mix of buses, limousines and SUVs, guests began arriving in a hall in the city center around 4:45 pm. Some were hiding the faces of journalists and police photographers, others welcomed their attention. At least one proudly carried a golden hell of Hells Angels around his neck.

Among the guests was allegedly the leader of Hells Angels Salvatore Cazzetta.

The bridal party wore black leather jackets over their dresses with the words "Ride or Die" painted on the back. The bride and groom arrived in an old-fashioned blue Cadillac with empty cans of beer hanging from the back and a sign that read: "I'm going to marry again!" Tied to the number plate.

The couple, both imprisoned for serious crimes at various points during their relationship, have been together for over a decade.

Robert, a member of the Montreal chapter of the Angels, has a criminal record that includes convictions for arson, drugs, assault and dangerous driving.

He went to the lam in 2009 after being targeted at the SharQc operation, an investigation that led almost every member of the Quebec-based Hells Angels to be arrested for drug trafficking, murder and conspiracy plots resulting from the gang's gory war with rivals between 1994 and 2002.

The nickname Marty or Capo, Robert was listed as one of the 10 most wanted criminals in Quebec while on the run. He was finally arrested in a Mexican nightclub in early 2010 and was out of jail by 2015 after serving five years in connection with SharQc charges.

Arbic is the daughter of Sharon Simon, the notorious drug smuggler called "Queen of Kanesetakek".

She was imprisoned in 2008 when she was 22 years old for drug trafficking and money laundering. She was arrested in the Cleopatra Project, a CCP-led inquiry centered on her mother. The duo-mom and daughter were arrested at the same time in 2006.

The long relationship Robert and Arbic has been documented in the decisions of the Pardon Board of Canada over the years.

Although it was a prisoner's model, Arbic was denied provisional release at least twice, partly because of her relationship with Robert.

In 2009, the conditional release board discovered Arbic's relationship with him to be "very worrying" and wondered how she could live with Robert without "having an impact" on her choice.

In 2010, Arbic was again denied conditional recognition after acknowledging he plans to continue his relationship with Robert, who at the time was facing several charges of murder after the Operation Sharik.

She also had several requests for the absence of undisclosed requests while Robert was in a lam – the authorities feared he would try to escape from the country to join her boyfriend.

As they arrived in front of Windsor on Saturday, their driver waved and accelerated at the Cora parking spot, Arbic quickly ran after the concrete steps to the dance hall, holding a large bouquet in his right hand and a veil in his left hand.

Robert followed behind.


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