Monday , May 17 2021

The Google Play app gets processed with a new, simplified interface

Google is preparing the redesign of the UI for the Google Play app from the beginning of this year, but is now only when a stable update is delivered to the general public. It adopts a simplified approach with less lap and more material design look appearance.

The first thing we noticed is that the navigation drawer is now exclusive to apps and games, while shortcuts to media applications like Play Movies & TV and Play Music are placed in the burger menu next to Settings.

Some screenshots of the new graphical interface

When you go deeper into the menus, you will immediately recognize the brightness of the UI theme in accordance with the language of the material design, which Google has promoted for years. "My Apps and Games" and the "Settings" menus are now in white and no longer green accent. Sorry, the previous menu is missing the search option in the upper right corner.

The Profile menu is also reorganized and now selects for tabs instead of a list. And it's strange that the wish menu is now grouped with Notifications and subscriptions in the hamburger menu.

The new iteration is 12.6.13 and if you are still in an older version, try restarting the application. The update is by the server and should appear sooner rather than later.


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