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The final chamber Room is finally happening

iRobot is the biggest name in home robotics thanks to the Roomba line, a robotized army of closed cleaning bots that will absorb the dust and dirt on your floors. But what about it others the giant flat surface you own that is constantly needed for maintenance? For this, the final mower is finally here: iRobot Terra.

Hairdresser Room has been a rumor for years. The company has robomower patents that go on the road by 2008, and recently as of 2015 the company filed a complaint with the FCC to allow it to legalize its outdoor navigation system outdoors. The original Roomba was introduced in 2002, when iRobot had the most home robotics market for itself. Waiting for 17 years to handle the great in the open means iRobot now jumps into the overcrowded area of ​​competitors, and it will have to fight Robomow, Husqvarna's Automower line, Honda Miimo, and Worx lawnmowers, among others .

Many grounds of the Room made a trip to the open. Terra is still a battery robot that wheels around your property. It has all the usual self-propelling capabilities that allow it to park on the external charger when it is at a low power level and can be raised precisely where it stopped. It uses the same "home-based" application as Roomba, so you can indoors indoors and follow the robot as it spins into the warm sun.

iRobot says Terra uses the same navigation technology "Imprint Smart Mapping" as a new room in room Roombas. This means that the spiral navigation of an older Dog is dead, and Terra will lift the lawn in beautiful, straight lines. Included in the package are lighthouses that are part of the navigation system. The iRobot press release is light on detail, but with the huge antenna on the back of the robot, I presume to put these lighthouses around the yard, and the bot uses them to triangulate its location. Assuming the same iRobot system is listed in the FCC in 2015, the iRobot expects "a typical residential lawn will require the placement of four to nine actions in the country." Some other robomowers rely on burying the wire around the perimeter of your yard – several lighthouses sounds much easier to install.

When it comes to physical barriers, Terra will happily bump into a fence or on the side of your house, they will turn around and continue to go, just like the internal bots. To keep the robot out of the flower bed or other unwanted locations without a physical barrier, you can mark out the limits in the application. There is also a small physical remote control.

iRobot says Terra will first start in Germany, with an American beta test taking place sometime in 2019. No cost yet, but Terra's competition ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

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