Friday , May 14 2021

The daughter was arrested in connection with the case of missing women

Lenis Cubo, left, and her mother, Susan Coupu, are seen here together in a photo posted on Facebook.


Suzanne Coupu's daughter has been arrested because murder detectives believe the murder of a 37-year-old woman, the newspaper said.

Leni Cebu, who was repeatedly questioned this week, was arrested on Friday. She is expected to be charged with murder.

A press release from the police said a person was in custody, although he did not name it. She also said that they should appear in court on Saturday morning.

Susan Kuppu was seen in the Ottawa courtroom on January 10.

The Ottawa police

Kuopu was last seen in Ottawa on January 10. Police have yet to return their body, but believes the woman Inuk was killed. This newspaper learned that Leni allegedly admitted that he had killed and threw her mother's body into a container in the Penny Drive building where they lived together.

It is not yet clear whether Kublu allegedly acted alone.

A search is planned by the police for the Trail route site, where the waste of the city of Ottawa ends.

Last place detectives followed Kuppu was in the courtroom of Elgin Street at around 10:45 on January 10th. From the courtroom, police believe she headed northward to Lorier Airport around 11:50 pm. Probably entered the bus, they say, the title at home.

On January 12, two days after Kupu was last seen, Cuule and her boyfriend, Dwight "Apollo" Brown, drove a bus to Toronto. Family members then believed the two women were missing.

Three days later, on January 15, Kublu and Brown were arrested in Toronto for allegedly buying. Brown also allegedly attacked a shop keeper.

Police in Toronto ordered Brown for 28 years, with a $ 5,000-theft weapon, an attack on weapons, assault and disagreement with the bail conditions and probation. The police also accused him of possession for trafficking in human beings and possession of stolen property.

Kublu was returned to Ottawa.

Facebook picture of Leniz Cuba.


Coupe, originally from Nunavut, lived in Ottawa with his daughter for several years. She has other children.

Brown remained in custody in Toronto on Friday.

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