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The consequences of 76 players throw their hands on the return of heavy Bobbi Pins

Like some cruel and confused joke, Consequence 76 players found that the last patch of the game accidentally broke something that had previously been set, and they are not satisfied.

Bobbi pins, used in Consequence 76 to pick up locks, was originally measured with ridiculous 0.1 kg. Earlier this month, Bethesda finally violated them to make it weighs 0.001, something that was even more realistic and helped to free up the much needed space in the player's inventory. After yesterday's Patch 5, they returned to weight of 0.1. It may seem like a small problem, but for players who spent the last few months of patience, it's just the latest in a series of discouraging signs that are constantly accumulating.

Many players are also disappointed with a series of changes to the yesterday's patch made on the game's game system. Cards as a demolition expert that gives bonus damage when using explosives was 100% impenetrable at a maximum level of up to 60%. Other cards, such as the White Knight and a licensed plumber, saw similar reductions in their effectiveness. People who invest in these skills now feel that they are in great disadvantage and have asked some way to respond when future changes occur. Another open group of players feels more excluded from Bethesda's approach to the non-reflection of objects and abilities that he considers too powerful, rather than making others stronger to help compensate.

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Other players are angry that new microtransaction items continue to be added to the Atom store while all this happens, to which the manager of the Bethesda Community responded that the Atom team is separate from the one who is working on bug fixes and patches. "I understand that it can be frustrating to see [the Atom store] updated when you wait for game updates, but it's separate from those who work on the code, "they wrote on the game's subunit.

National dissatisfaction with the continuing state of Consequence 76 is complemented by claims that the latest patch also returned some of the exploits that duplicate objects that hit the game earlier in the month. In the topic that exploded after the game overnight, the gX-kiD user notes that a flood of new rare Ebay game lists has emerged since yesterday. A quick search shows more than a hundred new announcements about things like legendary two-shot guns and three-barrels, but until now there was no solid evidence that the drills made a full return.

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While the studio did not publicly address appeals, the head of the community said in a commentary on one of Reddit's theme that the bobbi needle problem and other feedback on the new patch are currently being considered by the development team.

One theory circulates among the players as to why the pins need to be back to the exaggerated extent that the latest update uses an older construction of Consequence 76 which caused some aspects of the game to emerge to return to where they were at the beginning of the month. Bethesda did not immediately respond to a comment request on this issue.

In response to the latest missteps, there are restored calls for Bethesda to implement a beta server where players can test new patches before they go live in the actual game, to which a player replied "Good news! You are already in a beta server!"

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