Monday , August 2 2021

The bus route from Thomson to Winnipeg canceled due to extreme cold

Extreme cold cover most of Manitoba grounded in one of the province's busiest bus lines on Sunday night.

Maple Bus Lines canceled its scheduled alignment between Thompson and Winnipeg for the evening, because Canada's environment predicts an extreme cold of the wind that could make it feel like a cold of -53 ° C in Thompson.

"I just do not feel comfortable walking at those temperatures," said Maple Bus Lines owner Lori Mann, adding that she does not want to see someone stuck on the highway in frigid conditions.

"It's pretty empty, even gas stations and things are on sporadic hours.

"It's hard, but surely first, I'd rather be sure, because if the bus goes down, it's not worth it."

A post on the company's Facebook page says buyers who purchased a ticket for Sunday's drive will receive full refunds, and Mann said the bus line tried to contact those who booked places to inform them about the change.

"I feel bad, but you know what, if something happens, it just will not be right," said Mann.

Maple Bus Lines works on the route between Thompson and Winnipeg because Greyhound Canada has suspended service in the fall.

The road service will continue on January 1, ensuring the weather is improved.

Almost the entire province of Manitoba was under the warning of extremely low temperatures in Canada on Sunday.

Warnings stretch from far north from the province to the US border, which avoids only the warning from southeast Manitoba.

Environment Canada says the cold air mass of the Arctic, expected to hang over the province in the next few days, is to blame for cold temperatures.

Predictions for extreme winds are expected to exceed -40 ° C in most southern Manitoba and -45 ° C in northern Manitoba.

A closer warm front should bring Manitoba from deep freezing on Wednesday, says Living Canada.

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