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The big sale of SanDisk MicroSD for Nintendo Switch is coming back

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During the week on Black Friday, Amazon fell to the biggest sale of SanDisk microSD cards we've ever seen. It was a boon for anyone who owns (or will own) a Nintendo Switch, because the scarce amount of memory cards is insignificantly insufficient if you are planning to play games. If you missed the original sale, we have good news – it's (mainly back)!

At the time of writing, you can grab SanDisk 64GB microSD card for $ 11.99 (52% discount), a 128GB card for $ 19.95 (31% discount), 200GB card for $ 29.99 (38% discount), and a 256GB card for $ 39.99 (44% discount). Unfortunately, 400GB card was not reduced to the absurd price of $ 79.99 last week, but you may want to keep the tiles of that relationship only in case it changes. We would not have waited too long though – The prices on all these cards can change at any time. We also do not recommend you get anything smaller than 128GB. Even that amount of storage will go fast.


Finally, you might want to consider raising the Nintendo Pro Controller. In most situations, it is the best controller for Nintendo Switch. In fact, it is one of the best controllers in the market, period.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller has everything – great ergonomics, motion control, HD rolling, ambiobe functionality and epic battery life (up to 40 hours). That would explain the standard price of $ 69.99. However, the black Friday contract controller brings the price to $ 59.99, which is as low a price as we have seen on it. You can get an agreement in Walmart and Amazon right now, while sales / purchases last.

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