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The astronaut Michael Dobry rests with NASA

NASA astronaut Michael Goode retired from NASA after flewing two space shuttle missions and assisted the Commerical team's program to get off the ground. (Reuters) After 35 years of civil service in the US Air Force and NASA, May 31 is the last day of the agency.

"Mike's vision and the performance of a joint team for testing a commercial team is critical to the maturing of each crew cabin of service providers," said the crew manager for the program, Kemi Lueders. "Mike had the dream to bring the best of NASA to work with the best of Boeing and SpaceX to find the safest and most practical solutions to the inevitable crafts that need to be made. His guidance will be missed, but he set up the real trajectory for us and now it will be our job to make us proud. "

Well arrived in NASA from the US Air Force, where he reached the rank of colonel before retiring in 2009. He was selected as an astronaut in 2000 and for the first time left the Hubble Space Telescope at the Atlantis Space Shuttle as part of the 2009 STS-125 mission. He took a good part in two of the five space paths to upgrade and repair the telescope at Hubble's fifth and final mission. He scored 15 hours, 58 minutes during spaceflight.

He added another 13 hours, 55 minutes, into space outside the International Space Station in 2010, when he visited him as part of the Atlanta CTS-132 mission. He and his crew carried a trunk and a Russian-built research unit Dawn, as well as a replacement of batteries for the solar arrays of the station.

Well spent a total of 24 days, 16 hours and 5 minutes in space during both shuttle missions.

After his second flight, Good served as NASA's connections with the Space Flight Command in Colorado. Upon his return, he joined the NASA program for commercial teams as an assistant to the program manager for operations and testing the crew. In that role he helped SpaceX and Boeing to prepare for the launch of NASA's astronauts at the International Space Station.

Good was born in Parma, Ohio, but thinks Broadview Heights, Ohio, his hometown. He earned two degrees and a master's degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

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