Friday , April 16 2021

The Army arrives in Ottawa amid a flood emergency

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces arrived in Ottawa this morning to cope with the floods, while water levels along the Otawa River continue to rise, and a rain warning threatens to aggravate the situation.

The military arrived in the rural Northwest Ottawa community of Constance Bay just before 9 am EST on Friday, where residents and volunteers filled the sandboxes for days.

Approximately 400 soldiers are expected to be deployed in key areas to help deal with sand and other efforts.

It comes after the city declared a state of emergency on Thursday, not long after Canada's Environment Announced a forecast predicting that up to 35 millimeters of rain could fall by Saturday morning.

By Friday morning, Environment Canada has updated a special weather forecast with precipitation warning "due to the limited ability of the site to absorb these rains," the statement said on its website.

Premier tours area

As they toured the Constanta area on Friday morning, Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford said he believes climate change is among the reasons Eastlands' home owners try to save their homes from flooding for the second time in three years.

Ford said that when you see the affected people face to face, it "just wiped your heart" and added that they can not be expected to go through this every year.

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford arrived in Ottawa on Friday to meet with officials and flooded areas. (Jonathan DuPaul / PS)

He said he is ready to sit down with communities to discuss what it takes to protect their homes or offer compensation to move to a higher level, as seen by French Prime Minister Québec François Leighoul and New Brunswick, the prime minister Blaine Higgs also in their provinces.

The Ontario government demanded federal aid Thursday, and Public Security Minister Ralf Gudelle said it would come.

The city of Ottawa is in a state of emergency due to rising floods. 6:29

On the Quebec side of the river

In Gatino, Que., Through the River of Ottawa, the Navy aids with evacuations by boat.

The "extraordinary" flood levels are expected to be reached first in the Eilmer and Pointe-Gatino settlements.

Around 713 flood victims of 342 homes registered in the city from morning hours in the morning, many of them from the Boulevard Hurtubise area near Lac Beauchamp.

This image, taken from a helicopter, shows water flowing into the river Rouge near the hydroelectric dam in the Bell Falls. The water level is dangerous high and officials say the dam can collapse. (Radio Canada)

Further to the east, in the western Laurentians, the ruptured Rush River and the possible failure of the dam Bell Falls led to a mandatory evacuation on Thursday.

The 104-year-old dam was built to withstand currents of up to 980 cubic meters per second, which is what it sees at the moment. But Hydro-Quebec officials believe that the flow can increase to 1,300 cubic meters per second.

They expect the dam to take place even at that higher flow, but evacuating the area as a precautionary measure.

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