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Tesla × 36 and 19 Other stories – Top 55 Stories CleanTechnica in 2018


Posted on January 1, 2019 |
by Zahari Shahan

January 1, 2019 from Zahari Shahan

Below are 55 CleanTechnica articles published in 2018, who received the most eyeballs on them. Why 55? Well, I first thought about doing 30, then I realized that it should be more than that, because this is a review for the whole year, then I thought that 52 makes sense because it will be one for each week of the year, and then I saw a story just outside from the top 52 I thought I needed to get involved, so I continued to catch up 55. (Important things in life, you know?)

Another note: Sometimes people complain that we are publishing too many stories from Tesla. I think it's worth noting that Tesla's accounts are responsible for this far less of 50% of our content, but they constituted 65% of our top 55-36 out of 55. Frankly, if we were looking away, and not simply reporting what we think is most useful and interesting, it would be 90% Tesla stories published and 10% other things. Or we'll just get stuck Kardashians or something. (Um … maybe we should think about the persecution of Elon Mash.)

Another note before I shared the whole list: Amazing 25 of the first 55 were CleanTechnica originals of some sort. That means they are original analyzes that justify the label "#CleanTechnica Report" or were exclusive interviews or criticisms. I think that means that the extra time and effort we are making to try to create useful, original content for all of you is worth it. I hope so. If you really appreciate all the efforts we make to create hundreds of original reports, reviews and interviews, I must admit that you would like your support through a monthly CleanTechnica subscription, even if it's only a few dollars a month. It makes a difference and will be very valuable to us.

  1. Tesla Model 3 Total Cost Estimates – Crushing (Report # CleanTechnica)
  2. Big Auto, We Have a Problem – #CleanTechnica Report Report on Electric Car Sales
  3. Tesla Model 3 = # 1 Best Selling Cars in the US … In Revenue (# CleanTechnica Report)
  4. 20 Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the market in 2018 (USA)
  5. All electric vehicles for sale in the United States (2017 and 2018 model years)
  6. Tesla vs. Chevy Bolt: lessons learned from 1 week driving electric cars in the UAE (# CleanTechnica Review)
  7. 10 reasons not to buy Tesla – Seriously
  8. Tesla Model S Blurred Competition on a Great Luxury Car in the US (#CleanTechnica Report)
  9. 4 "Tesla Killers" are ready to be destroyed by Tesla Model Y
  10. Toyota Camry & Honda Accord Buyers, Do not Take Tesla Model 3 Beyond Your Budget (# CleanTechnica Report)
  11. Here's what $ 7000 of damage looks like on the Tesla 3 (# CleanTechnica Exclusive)
  12. The shocking electric car won first place in Germany in April 2018 in the #CleanTechnica Report,
  13. 23 Nasty Tesla Graphics
  14. 18 Tesla Tables charts
  15. Tesla Model 3 is the # 1 best-selling American car in the United States (# CleanTechnica Report)
  16. Tesla to build a virtual solar power plant using 50,000 homes in South Australia
  17. I'm sorry, Elon – I overestimated the cost of the Tesla 3 model (Report by #CleanTechnica)
  18. Tesla, an unpleasant wake-up call for Germany. All hands on the deck!
  19. Solar panel prices continue to fall faster than expected (#CleanTechnica Exclusive)
  20. The Earth's Earth Society insists that the salt-launched falcon is a surprise
  21. I'm sorry, Elon – Tesla Model 3 much better than expected (#CleanTechnica review)
  22. Tesla Supercharger Network 2018 – plans to expand quickly across North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
  23. Tesla Model 3 Completely Crushing the US Competition for Luxury Cars – 10 Graphics (#CleanTechnica Report)
  24. Tesla by overturning "Chevy" Bolt
  25. 7 reasons not to buy Tesla … However
  26. Free unlimited lifelong refueling now available for the Tesla 3 model (by catch)
  27. 8 "Impossible" Targets achieved Tesla
  28. Evolution of the Tesla Supercharger network
  29. One-year BMW i3 Review – so near to perfection, but a few things disappoint me (#CleanTechnica Review)
  30. About Tesla [TSLA]Let's all calm down
  31. Tesla Model 3 wins in February (despite production problems), other sales of electric cars in the United States (a report by #CleanTechnica)
  32. Tesla Model 3 Uncomfortable Ford Mustang and BMW 3/4 series – 8 graphics (#CleanTechnica Report)
  33. The first Tesla Hers (#CleanTechnica Video)
  34. Tesla Property in Your Future? View of one owner
  35. What motivates Rednecks North Carolina to block Tesla superchargers?
  36. Subaru Finally introduced its initial Plug-in hybrid – Crosstrek PHEV
  37. Are Tesla drivers working in the snow?
  38. 2017 China Electric Cars Sales blow world out of the water – BAIC EC-series is superstar (# CleanTechnica Report)
  39. "Dream car" For Millennials and Men = Tesla Model S (Infographic)
  40. If the Tesla model appears, what does it mean for Model 3? (#CleanTechnica Report)
  41. Honda PCX electric scooter uses battery replacement
  42. Disturbing EV Drivers – New Favorite Sports For Brain-Dead Pickup Truck Owners
  43. The billions of trees in Pakistan are a success
  44. The Honda Clarity Electric is a Family Friendly EV We coveted, but it has no scope (# CleanTechnica Review)
  45. Tesla Model 3 engine – Everything I have the opportunity to figure out about it (Welcome to the machine)
  46. 2018 was a Giant, a wonderful year for Tesla – Because Elon Musk
  47. Tesla Model 3 on the brink of dramatic interference with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi (# CleanTechnica Report)
  48. Confirmed: 2019 Nissan LEAF to have more range, more power
  49. Reinforcement of RV with solar energy and battery from Tesla (video)
  50. The harmful fake plug-in hybrid electric vehicles do not
  51. Consider, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW – Kia Niro SUV has better efficiency and range, at half price! (#CleanTechnica Report)
  52. The Solid State Lithium-Ion Battery – Did John Goodenough Finally Do It?
  53. Exciting development in NMC 811 lithium battery technology (# CleanTechnica Report)
  54. Electric car drivers: wishes, demands and dreams – a new 100+ page # CleanNet Report
  55. 1 week behind the wheel of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – #CleanTechnica Review, Part 2

All other reflections at the top 55 CleanTechnica articles from 2018?

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