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Tesla finished with 2018 with the most positive week of the week – # Right for Tesla Report 17


Posted on December 30, 2018 |
by Chanan Boss

December 30, 2018 from Chanan Bos


The last full week of 2018 was much more positive than the previous week when it comes to Tesla coverage in the big media. In fact, this is the best positive week since the beginning of the monitoring in September. Two new members of the board greatly contributed to this, as well as the cumulative effect of the incredible success story of Model 3.

When we take a deeper headline on the new members of the board, we find that there were a total of 23 titles on the subject. Of these titles, 9 are mentioned by the SEC; and 6 mentioned each of the following: turning to musk, that Ellison is a friend of Elon, American accusations, regulators, tweets, or other skepticism of the named. Then, there were 9 titles that did not mention anything negative.

Since this is a predominantly positive topic, we have decided to evaluate almost all of them positive, although many could be judged as concealed or even credited to negative ones. The only ones we considered negative were:

  • "Why the biggest bear in Tesla is skeptical of adding Ellison" (Bloomberg)
  • "Tesla Fountain Ellison, a human resources expert to prove that the muscle is ranked" (Bloomberg)
  • "Larry Ellison of Oracle, Walgreens Executive Director Join the Tesla Board to perform the SEC settlement over fashion tweets" (Forbes)

Overall, Bloomberg published 4 articles on this topic, and one from Forbes was rated as negative, because it was the only headline containing the SEC, as well as another negative element.

In addition, in one particular turn of events, the stock market was offered some good news this week, but then reacted negatively to it. Tesla has lowered its prices in China and announced it would pay the tax credit gap to those to whom Tesla could not deliver the vehicle before 2019. Tesla shares [TSLA] they went down the news. The publication is positive, the reaction of the stock market is negative, and whether labeling is positively or negatively somewhat complicated. In light of this, 4 titles were rated neutral.

Well, that's basically that for 2018, except the December / Q4 report, which will come out next week. Starting next year, we will include several other sources of news and all titles from 1 September 2018.

Remember that we share raw data (titles and results) every week. You can scan them yourself if you want to check our findings or just view titles. And you can check our Tesla stories for more context and comparison. For details on our methodology and the broader context for this weekly analysis, look at this Tesla Justice Report.

# Right for # Tesla
Report # 17 (December 22-28)

The next question in our route is monitoring the authors who covered this news. While the entire list is too long to be placed here, since there are many authors who have written only one piece about Tesla, here are the authors who published more than 9 articles about Tesla since the beginning of the September 1 monitoring, ranked by the least positive the most positive:

The neutrality index ranges from -100% to positive 100%. In this system, 0% is neutral. The number of negative / positive articles and percentages are still displayed. This system provides a good defect in how the authors are placed.

For the whole of this section, note: In the mainstream media, there are often headlines that control this part of the articles. However, we find tracking of authors is interesting and potentially useful for thinking what stories the authors tend to write.

What changed with Tesla last week

Adding the summary in the introduction, here is the list of news from Tesla and potential news commissioned to this day. You can think about what are the objectively important updates in the "Tesla Story" last week.

Some undercover headlines last week

  • As for the years, 2018 was wild for cars, while Tesla, Nissan, GM investors are hoping for peace and peace in 2019 (CNBC)
  • Tesla Model 3 (Forbes) Tears, Warts and Fibula of the new mid range
  • Tesla: Buying an Opportunity or Dropping a Knife? (Street)

More these # Right for # Tesla reports are shared over the Internet through social media, the more people will notice. If there is currently a very negative aspect of Tesla in certain places – even when Tesla has so many positive news about sharing – people need to be aware of this and access every new story given that context.

Again, here are the data from this past week, in case you want to see the more detailed data.

For details on our methodology and the broader context for this weekly analysis, look at this Tesla Justice Report.

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