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Tesla extends the referral program with a new incentive to buy without a test drive

Only a week after the extension of the program by the end of the year, Tesla again extended the duration of the program by March 11th. Details remain largely the same as always – owners can provide referral codes for new buyers and each party receives a fin for use. Buyers receive 6 months free charge and owners receive escalating prizes based on how many references they have made.

But from today, buyers can also get an additional 3 months free recharge "if ordered without being tested" with Tesla.

There are also additional additional prizes for the standard awards: a hat and some wheels of the Model 3 Performance. Earlier, the 1st referral award was "launching your photography into the orbit of deep spaces," where Tesla laser will take the photo to glass and send it into space. Now, instead of just pledging it, Tesla will send you a hat to mark this occasion. Hurray.

And for three referrals, Tesla previously offered a choice between a week with model S or X or a new set of wheels for any car model. Tesla now adds a set of counterfeit performance wheels for Model 3 to choices for this award level, although they will not be available for installation until at least the summer of 2019.

Other aspects of the referral program, such as inputs to the drawing to compete with the Tesla half or $ 250 for reference to a solar installation of Tesla (and a 5-year warranty for the buyer of the system) remain unchanged.

See the full details of the program on the Tesla website or check the updated awards:

1 Qualification reference:
Run the photo into the orbit of the deep space
We will laser be able to print each image of glass and send it to the orbit in deep areas for millions of years. We will also send you a limited edition hat to mark the launch. Invite more friends while you are waiting in the alien race to discover your payload.

2 Qualifications for Referrals:
The owners can choose any of the options below for each of their second referrals.

  • Signature for a black wall
    This matte black wall connector is exclusive to the referral program and includes a sign on Elon's signature.
  • Founders Tesla Model C series for children
    Share Tesla's experience with this miniature powered electric model S – including work lights, sound system and charging plug, just like yours. You can configure the Model S for Kids to store or donate to the local children's charity.

3 Qualified referrals:
Owners can choose one of the options below for their third referral.

  • Forged performance wheels for model 3, 21 "Arachid wheels for model S or 22 "Turbine Wheels for model X
    Improve the performance of your Tesla with these exclusive wheels.
    Forged performance wheels for model 3 wheels will be available for installation starting in summer 2019.
  • One week with model S or model X
    Experience a new model S or Model X for a week – at home or on the road. If you do not use this award, this exclusive test drive can be given to a friend.

4 Qualified references:
Priority access to vehicle software updates
Be the first to experience the latest Tesla software updates with priority access to the selected releases.

5 Qualified references:
Tesla Unveiling Invitation
Feel the official unifying event. The owners who will bring five referral orders will be invited to a future discovered event. Your VIP invitation will apply to you and a guest.

Electrek's Take

The awards receive a little update, but fine. The first level seemed cool, but now it will be nice to have something to show for it. And for the growing number of Model 3 owners who can not take advantage of the Model S / X wheel awards, the Model 3 award will be a very welcome addition.

One change that seems strange is the addition of a 3 month super charging for people who buy, even though they have never tested before with Tesla. While I understand that this is a boost from Tesla to make people enjoy buying a car without the need for a test drive first, it seems that those who have made a test drive (maybe even in the distant past) will miss something here.

It is similar with Tesla's offer to allow new owners to return the car within a day if they are dissatisfied (or 3 days if they have never tested Tesla before). In this case, however, those who tested a car driven before, in fact, receive a lasting disadvantage. A few days longer window to return is not a big deal, but additional charging with 3 extra months is a nice additional boost. I can imagine that a few people will feel left out of this policy if it remains as it is.

But then, the goal of this whole program is to encourage owners to sell their own, make their own test drive vehicles, and perhaps do little work from Tesla's hands to do those things. So, if this is Tesla's attempt to give some additional incentive to use the "owner-seller" network, it can work.

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments.

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