Friday , July 30 2021

Tesla ends Q4 2018 with a flourishing, passing 190k total Model 3 VIN registrations

Tesla began in 2018 as an electric car maker struggling to produce its most ambitious vehicle. With the completion of Q4 2018, it becomes clear that Tesla closes the year as a car manufacturer that can be held against veterans of the hyper-competitive automotive industry. Allegedly, as the last flourishing of the otherwise historic 2018, Tesla registered what could be her last major series of Model 3 VIN for a quarter, breaking the barrier of 190,000 to submit an electric sedan.

Twitter group @ Model3VINs, which follows the registration of the electric sedan, recently announced that Tesla filed a rather large group of 3,569 vehicles, made up of dual-engine and RWD units. With this latest series, Tesla broke 190,000 marks in a total of 3 sub-models to date. Among these figures, more than 75,000 were registered only in the fourth quarter. As noted by this graph provided by the VIN Tracking Group 3, Q4 2018 is characterized by a large influx of RWD submissions, possibly due to the introduction, production and delivery of Mid Range Model 3.

Tesla's Model 3 VIN submissions over the past quarters. (Photo:

In order to keep the registration of the Q4 Model 3 VIN company in perspective, it should be noted that Tesla managed to break the 75,000th spot only in mid-July, approximately a year after the start of the vehicle's production. For a racing company with Model 3 ramp, it can be registered for 12 months in cars in the past 90 days is impressive.

Tesla's Model 3 VIN registrations for the fourth quarter comes amid reports that the company has reached a point where it is capable of producing 1,000 units of electric sedan every day. As seen from the alleged leaked email from Elon Mask late last month, as well as by social media from Tesla employees on days and weeks, it seems that the company's 3 exit continues to improve.

With Tesla at a time when he is capable of sustainable production levels of the Model 3, the company is now beginning to lay the foundations for the international ramp of the electric sedan in 2019. In Europe, for one, reports emerged that refer to the Tesla delivery 3,000 model 3 per week starting in February. Deliveries of the 3 model in China are also expected to begin within the next few months.

But at the core of the model 3 is the vehicle and its requirement. In several key regions such as the US, after all, the Model 3 competes in a market that largely prefers SUVs and larger vehicles. However, as the sales of electric sedan in the United States and Canada so far indicate, the Model 3 is able to stand, despite being a passenger car in the SUV-dominated region.

As Model 3 is preparing to break foreign markets, Wall Street analyst Den Ives of Wedbush Securities stressed that the demand for the vehicle is likely to be strong in 2019. According to the analyst, demand for a car in regions such as Europe – having significant passenger car markets – is likely to reduce Tesla's need to raise capital in the near future.

"The demand for the mid-sized electric sedan Tesla's Model 3 looks very strong in 2019 and beyond. While there are concerns that some European shipments can spill over Q2 and beyond the first quarter, we believe that the street is aware of this potential dynamics of time as the basic demand appears solid on this new European border for Musk & 2019, with China also a great growth catalyst for the heels of recent price cuts, "the analyst wrote.

As the cherry on top for the already successful vehicle, the model 3 recently won the "Car of the Year" award from Detroit News from 2018, with long-time gearboxer Henry Payne, claiming that the electric sedan is Apple on Wheels.

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