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Tesla CFO Deepak Ahuja retires, Zack Kirhorn will replace

Tesla completed his call for earnings from Q4 2018 with a little surprise, although we have previously heard: CFO Deepak Ahuja will retire. In his place, Zah Kirhorn, previously vice president of the finance company, took over.

Kirhorn was only vice president of finance for 2 months before today's announcement. However, the current CFO Ahuja said: "I feel really good for Zach to take over. He has been proven over the years with the very difficult challenges he has worked on."

Kirhorn holds a finance degree from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton and an MBA from Harvard and has been a company for decades in various financial functions.

Ahuja stressed that he will remain Tesla's external advisor, and CEO Elon Mash said he "will hope to be for years."

Electrek's Take:


But seriously, I know that shorts always cause some conspiracy that "DEEPOK turns the evidence of the state". I think he may have just been threatening until another star appeared. Kirhorn had a rather wild ride in Tesla over the past decade, climbing the ranks fairly quickly, according to his LinkedIn promotion every 2 years.

He sounded a bit boring and withdrew on the call, but in reality, you do not want creative extroverted books.

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