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Syncrude to pay $ 2.7 million – Business News

January 2, 2019 / 16:07 | Story:

The main store of Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue in New York closed its doors forever, after 104 years.

The renowned department store, known for animated rest windows, closed on Wednesday afternoon, ending the ruin sales that remained empty throughout the floor. In the end, the clothes that were once sold for about $ 100 were $ 5.99.

The 11-storey building was sold to the WeWork leasing company for more than $ 850 million.

Forty-five other smaller stores Lord & Taylor remain open, mainly on the east coast. In addition, the Lord and Taylor-branded goods are sold online via the Walmart Web site.

Patti Conte said the Fifth Avenue location was her favorite store and she came on Wednesday to "make a last walk". She bought some women's shoes under the offer "buy one, get one free".

For her, online shopping is not an option "because it's important to feel the fabric and try to keep things going."

The collapse of the Fifth Avenue store reflects a shift in the economy in which cigarette and mortar trade has taken a hit from online sales.

Hudson's Bay Co., a Canadian corporate behemoth owned by the brand since 2012, said it is closing leading and some other stores due to the "increased focus on their digital capabilities and dedication to improving profitability."

Founded in 1826 in the Lower East of Manhattan, Lord and Taylor was one of the country's first major department stores, ruled by two British-born relatives, Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor. The store occupied several locations before 1914, when she moved to the building that filled the entire Manhattan block on Fifth Avenue on the 38th street.

The store scheduled its closure at 3 am, when customers were rejected. But the last door was not locked until 3:22 am, giving them a few extra minutes to exit.

But this would not be the last visit to the Comte of Lord and Taylor.

"I live in West Hartford, and there's another one there."

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Sincrude pleaded guilty and was fined more than $ 2.7 million in the death of 31 big blue herons in one of their mines to mines north of Fort McMurray.

I agreed to a statement on the facts, says Syncrude acknowledged that the abandoned pond where birds were found had no distraction to keep waterbirds from landing on it, even though the pond was meeting the criteria for high risk.

"For a period of three months between May and August 2015, the outer coffin met the formal criteria … and presented features that make it attractive to birds and other animals," the statement said.

"However, the outer chamber was not identified in the list of ponds produced by Syncrude for tracking purposes … nor was it addressed in accordance with the plan for the protection of waterbirds."

The pond in the Mindred Lake Sincrude mine was one more than one kilometer, 400 meters wide and eight meters deep. Although it was partially dried and was dried for several years, Syncrude could not completely repair the pond and continue to hold liquids, solids and bitumen.

The statement said birds were not found while the contract worker was sticking to them while searching for a shortcut from one part of the site to another.

"The monitor saw a big blue heron in the chamber that lay," it says. "(Syncrude employees) renewed tea with live fat and found 30 more dead carcasses."

The staff also found spearheads with 26 nests, about 300 meters away, as well as evidence that other animals were in this area.

"By agreeing to pay a substantial fine, it reflects the depth of our remorse for this incident," said Sinnqured spokesman, Wil Gibson. "Our top priority was understanding of the cause of this incident."

Fences and birds were instantly installed and all tracks were submitted under the plan of Syncrude to keep wildlife away from toxic materials in its mine, the statement said.

The lake valley is completely drained at a price of $ 16 million.

Provincial environmental charges amounted to $ 975,000 of the total penalty. Of this, $ 950,000 is to get into a fund run by the Alberta Energy Regulator and targeted for projects that increase wildlife habit or re-search for land.

The rest of the sentence, nearly $ 1.8 million, is the result of federal charges under the Migrant Birds Act. The money will go to the Environmental Damage Fund, a federally administered conservative fund.

January 2, 2019 / 12:39 | Story:

The shares of an electric car and solar panel maker Tesla Inc. fell on Wednesday after the company lowered vehicle prices for $ 2,000 and released sales data in the fourth quarter that was not estimated on Wall Street estimates.

The company said in a statement to the markets they opened that they delivered over 245,000 electric cars and SUVs last year, almost like all previous years combined.

But Tesla also said it will cut prices on its three models of $ 2,000 to help customers cope with the gradual abandonment of tax incentives by federal vehicles. On January 1, the federal Tesla buyers' loan fell from 7,500 to 3,750 dollars. It will gradually be removed this year.

The company's deliveries for the whole year coincided with Wall Street estimates, but its figures for the fourth quarter did not reach expectations. Tesla said he delivered 90,700 vehicles from October to December. Analysts surveyed by the FactSet data provider expects 92,000. Tesla said deliveries in the fourth quarter were 8 per cent higher than the previous quarterly peak in the third quarter of 2018.

Tesla shares fell 7.2 percent on the day of trading to 308.94 dollars. In the past year, they were traded from a low level of $ 244.59 to $ 387.46.

The company is now moving at an important stage in its business and will have to decide whether to cut production to match what appears to be falling demand, or to reduce its vehicles to stimulate sales, as other manufacturers do cars, says Gartner analyst Michael Ramsey.

"They have long demanded more than supply," said Ramsey. "It becomes obvious that this dynamics changes".

For the whole year, Tesla said it produces 254,530 vehicles, which is 9,290 more than it was delivered. The company would not say how many vehicles had an inventory at the end of the year, but it announced enough to provide 20 days of sale at the end of September.

"Our inventory levels remain the smallest in the automotive industry," the company said on Wednesday.

Tesla's production in 2018 fell far from the target set nearly three years ago to produce 500,000 vehicles a year. That order was released in May 2016 on the basis of advance orders for the model 3.

It is unclear how the shipping figures will affect Tesla's fourth quarter and earnings from 2018 for the full year, which is likely to be announced in February. Ramzi said the stock price of the company rose despite past losses, as investors always thought Tesla had to spend money to increase production to meet high demand. If the demand disappears, then well-documented financial problems, such as high debt, "begin to become very, very serious," Ramsey said.

Tesla's claims in 2018 include nearly 146,000 models 3 lower car prices and 99,000 models of the S model and the X SUV model, which can easily reach $ 100,000. Model 3 starts at $ 35,000, but still can not be bought in less than $ 45,000.

In the third quarter of 2018, Tesla made a promise to CEO Elon Mask to make net profit after several years of losses. The company earned $ 311.5 million in three months, ending September, a loss of $ 619 million at the same time last year.

For the third time, Tesla announced the quarterly profit in its eight-year history as a public company and for the first time in two years. Moscow has promised to release a sustainable quarterly profit.


January 2, 2019 / 11:32 pm | Story:

The estimated values ​​of some single homes in the Vancouver Metro Market, where they were sold, was reduced between five and ten percent in recent estimates used to determine property taxes in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, the BC estimation. says some property owners in the rest of the province have seen an increase of five to 15 percent in their property values.

The agency predicts condominium values ​​will rise to 20 percent in BC This year.

Commercial and industrial properties rose 10 to 20 percent in most of the province, and some markets around the Vancouver metro rose to 30 percent.

Estimation of BC collects, monitors and analyzes property data.

Its estimates are based on the estimate of the market value of the property on July 1 each year and its physical state on October 31.

Deputy assessor Keith McLean-Talbott says increases in property valuations do not automatically turn into a corresponding increase in property taxes.

January 2, 2019 / 10:03 | Story:

Long-haulers in the Montreal port voted almost unanimously on the mandate of the strike to be used at any time during the ongoing negotiation of a deal with their employers.

Union spokesman Michele Murray said today 99.49 per cent of voting members have recently given the union the power to call a strike at the country's second largest port.

Murray says he is not optimistic about the state of negotiations between his union and the naval association of employers, a group that includes ship owners, operators, agents and long-term production companies.

He says that some 1,100 long-term people in the port are trying to improve working conditions, including shifting the schedule that requires members to work for 19 days of 21 years.

Murray adds that long people work under strict rules, they face the usual disciplinary measures and are often suspended.

A spokeswoman for the association of employers says the negotiations are proceeding well, and its members are surprised by the union's statements.

Yves Coo says the association's goal is to conclude a good deal for both parties.

January 2, 2019/8: 53 | Story:

Rising oil prices have helped boost the energy sector, as Canada's main stock index climbed higher on the first trading day of the year.

The composite index S & P / TSX was 24.59 points to 14,347.45.

In New York, the industry average Dow Jones was down 64.4 points to 23,263.06. The S & P 500 index dropped 5.72 points to 2,501.13, while the Nasdaq composition climbed to 0.75 to 6,636.03.

The Canadian dollar traded at 73.50 cents US compared to an average of 73.30 cents a US on Monday to close 2018.

The crude oil contract in February was $ 1.47 per barrel, $ 46.88 per barrel, and the February natural gas contract was 3.5 cents to $ 2.99 per milliliter of BTU.

The gold deal in February rose to $ 7.30 to $ 1.288.60 an ounce, and a copper deal in March declined 2.20 cents to $ 2.61 per kilogram.

January 2, 2019/8: 8 pm | Story:

The digital studio in the Halifax area receives a $ 1.5m salary payment over a period of five years.

Nova Scotia Business Inc., a provincial business development agency, says REDspace Inc. will receive an incentive to expand its operations to Bedford.

The company specializes in mobile, web, video and games for media brands and networks, including Turner, NBC and Sony Pictures.

The government says REDspace could create up to 125 jobs according to a five-year payroll agreement.

The company will receive a smaller discount if less jobs are created.

The government says REDspace "gives new ways for its customers to deliver interactive experiences" to users.

REDspace was founded by Mike Johnston, Truro's mother, who returned to New Scotland from Boston after the fall of the technique in 2000.

Until last January, its launching has grown to almost 200 employees.

"We are an export-managed company and we do it from Halifax," said Johnston, executive director of REDspace in 2017.

"We mainly work on engaging digital experiences before the end … But we also do the back end of a plumbing that may be less visible and less sexy, but leads much to the delivery of a streaming video."

January 2, 2019 / 07:36 o'clock | Story:

Stingray Group Inc. canceled its attempt to download Music Choice.

Stingray, based in Montreal, which provides music and media in stores, made the unprofitable offer to the US company in August last year.

The offer was worth US $ 120 million.

Music Choice produces music programming and content related music for users of digital cable television, mobile phone and cable modem.

Eric Boyko, chief executive of Stingray, says that while the company continues to look at the benefits combined with Music Choice, he is confident of its strategic direction.

Stingray announced on Monday a distribution agreement with Altice USA, which will bring 50 music audio channels to Stingray and hundreds of music videos from its catalog at the request of subscribers to Altice USA.

January 2, 2019 / 6:59 pm | Story:

A new report on the country's top executives plans adds evidence of the argument that women face a "dual panel" that tops the corporate ladder of Canada – first in getting an executive package and, after there, earning as much as their male colleagues.

The Canadian Policy Alternatives Center calculates that more than 1,200 appointed executive officers, or NGOs, in 249 public companies in Canada, women earn about 68 cents for every dollar made by their male counterparts.

The study says the gap is closing at 86 cents when women and men's salaries are considered in senior management roles, almost in line with the country's total salary of 87 cents based on Canada's calculations.

The gap at the top means that on average, men earn around $ 950,000 more per year than women in similar executive positions.

The report's author says that the findings, although focused on the executive level, where wages are already high, point to a larger capital problem.

"This is surely for CEOs – that's what we're looking at – but I think it's a reflection of what's happening in corporate Canada and the difficulties women face in getting a fair tie even if they have the qualifications," said David McDonald, senior economist at the center.

The findings are linked to the annual report by the left-wing pay center of Canada's top executives, who are estimated to earn what an average worker does over a year from lunch time around Wednesday.

A review of corporate filings of publicly traded companies shows that chief executives earned an average of $ 10 million in 2017, the latest year available, or about 197 times the average worker.

December 31, 2018/11: 25h | Story:

The Canadian Transport Agency says the two main railroads in the country have exceeded their maximum rights to grain revenues in 2017-18, despite having delivered fewer jobs than last year.

Canadian National Railways Co. has withdrawn $ 1.05 million more than its right to $ 787.01 million in 2017-18. Canadian Pacific Railways Ltd. took $ 1.5 million out of its right to $ 707.99 million.

The agency says the KN and CP have 30 days to refund the surplus income, a five-percent penalty of $ 52,000 for the CN and $ 75,000 for the CP. Payments will go to the Western Cereal Research Foundation, which funds research for farmers from Perry.

The Broad Transport Modernization Act, which came into force in May last year, has adapted the system to maximize revenue generation, which sets the ceiling for total revenues to be earned from the transfer of grain by rail to any year of crop . CN Rail said the system was repulsed to invest in cereals up to revisions.

The Canadian Transport Agency also says that CN and CP transmitted six percent less grain over the last year, than in 2016-17, moving at 40,618,285 tons.

CN and CP have said they believe that the polluted census of locomotives, bunkers and additional personnel will help prevent repetition of the overdue winter in the winter winter winter, put in motion with frigid conditions that hinder the withdrawal of agricultural crops on the market and hurt farmers' lines.

December 31, 2018 / 10:54 pm | Story:

Ново истражување покажува бизнис оптимизам за годината што следи меѓу канадските менаџери за производство е помала отколку што беше пред една година, бидејќи трговските прашања тежат.

Истражувањето, од страна на РК Увид, покажа дека 30 отсто од 501 испитаниците беа оптимисти за бизнис перспективите за 2019 година, што е намалување од 44 отсто претходната година.

"Канадската продукција е во подем, но на хоризонтот има облаци од облаци и тоа ги поткопува довербата на канадските извршни директори во 2019 година", изјави Џеф Браунли, издавач на магазинот "Фајненс", кој го нарача истражувањето.

Истражувањето покажа дека 18 отсто од високите извршни директори беа загрижени за бизнис перспективите за годината што следи, но 51 отсто беа претпазливи оптимисти на слично ниво од минатата година.

Во текот на тригодишниот хоризонт, 11 проценти беа оптимисти за изгледите за раст за Канада, што е намалување од 22 проценти минатата година.

Истражувањето, спроведено во август и септември пред новиот трговски договор во Северна Америка, покажа зголемување на загриженоста за ефектите на трговската политика на американскиот претседател Доналд Трамп.

Шеесет и пет проценти од испитаниците биле многу загрижени за американскиот протекционизам, што е за 54 отсто минатата година, додека 61 отсто биле многу загрижени за влијанието на Трамп врз билатералните односи, за разлика од 45 отсто.

"Глобалната неизвесност, како и тековниот ефект на Трамп, оставајќи свој белег на канадската трговија. Добрата вест е дека канадските компании се диверзифицираат, лошата вест е дека ако 2018 година е индикација, тие треба да направат повеќе", рече Браунли преку е-маил.

Последното истражување на Банката на Канада, спроведено во ноември по новиот договор на НАФТА, покажа дека чувството е слабо ослабено, но дека одговорите на скоро сите прашалници за прашањата на истражувањето сѐ уште беа над нивните историски просеци.

Анкетата за списанието Plant, која опфати различни јавни и приватни производители низ цела Канада, има маржа на грешка од околу четири проценти, 19 пати повеќе од 20.

31 декември 2018 / 9:23 часот | Приказна:

Nevsun Resources Ltd. вели дека кинеската компанија Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. е успешна во својата пријателска понуда за преземање од 1.86 милијарди долари за претпријатието со седиште во Б.Ц.

Компаниите велат дека околу 89,37 проценти од вкупно издадените и актуелните акции Невсун на целосно разредена основа биле понудени на понудата од 6 долари по акција во готовина до крајниот рок 28 декември.

Понудата сега е продолжена до 7 јануари, за да им овозможи на останатите акционери да ги понудат своите акции.

Во август, Невсун ја отфрли понудата од страна на Корпорацијата Лундин Миндер со седиште во Торонто.

Невсун има проект за бакар и злато во Србија и 60 отсто од акциите во рудникот за биза и цинкот во Еритреја.

Акциите во Невсун се затворени на 5,95 долари на Берзата во Торонто во петокот.

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