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Sweet Chopra talks about her wedding and relationship with Nick Jonas The "Deer"

From Martin Holmes.

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Pretty Chopra makes her first television appearance after marrying Nick Jonas when she stops at the Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old actress opened for her multiple wedding celebration, which was held in India last November.

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"It was only three days," she explains. "An Indian ceremony and a Western Christian ceremony. And one day of the pre-rituals we have at the wedding in Hindu.

"Usually Indian weddings are at least 1,000 people." We only had 200, which was mainly a family, because we both have gigantic families, we wanted to keep the super intimate, just family. "

"Two hundred people, super intimate," DeGeneres said. "For Indian family and Indian wedding?", Says Chopra, "surely, it's less."

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The star "Baywatch" reveals that her mother is upset because she could not call everyone she knows. "She was like," I have to have another party for the other 150,000 people I know. ""

Chopra also talks about the first meeting with her new husband and how she does not know much about Jonas brothers or their music. However, a pair associated with Jonas slipped into her Twitter DMs and basically requested a date.

Also, as he found super hot, Chopra says he loves Jonas' strong family values. "He is not corrupt … He is so suitable for the family, it's all for his parents, and it's just really nice and sweet."

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Elsewhere on the show, Chopra talks about her upcoming Romance film "Not Romantic" and reveals she develops a movie adaptation to the hit Wildfire Netflix, about the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

DeGeneres also surprised the actress with the wrong wedding gift – a massive framed photo of tequila shots from Chopra that are engraved on Ellen's previous episode while her husband sits beside her.

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