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"Summary of good doctors": Season 2, Episode 10 – Lim and Melendez

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The good doctor on Monday closed in 2018 with the most intense episode to date. By the end of the autumn finale, there was a deadly air virus already claimed three victims, including EMT Tyler (played by Cougar TownDan Bird). Lim also arranged the virus and was transferred the last time we saw it. It was one of at least half a dozen clichés – including but not limited to:

* Sean, preoccupied with quarantine pressures, and deeply affected by the buzzing sound of fluorescent light, surrendered to his anxiety. He blocked his ears, dropped to the floor, and closed his eyes. (Someone gave him sandwich and milk from milk, statistics!)

* With Sean and Lim both disabled, Morgan remained on his own, in the middle of the procedure during the combat operation.

* Patient of Melandez and Claire in leukemia, Chris (played by Fiona Gubelmann's true husband, Alex Wade), needs a bone marrow transplant. His donor / alien father Chris remained stuck in an emergency room, unable to climb upstairs, where his son was lying.

* Also among those who are quarantined (and thus susceptible to the virus): the son of Park Kelan, who suffered from extreme asthma, and a pregnant woman (Daily wildCamille Guaty) and a diabetic in hypoglycaemic shock.

* Outside the hospital, Leah drove Glassman until the last appointment, where he reviewed his latest scans and could conclude that his cancer had returned.

Below, the Christina Chang series star is considering the events of Episode 10, and what viewers can expect when the series returns on Monday, January 14th. And yes, she also thinks about what happened between Lim and Melendez.

TVLINE | It was one step in the final of the fall!
I know, right?

TVLINE | It was the most depressing episode with Christmas, ever, but in a good way.
[[[[Laughs]I know! And I love the version of Annie Lennox's "Quiet Night" which plays in the end … Haunts.

TVLINE | Before we find ourselves in the fate of Lim, or any of those klifhangers, we need to talk about Lim and Melendez, who only had sex. Did you expect it to happen?
I saw it coming. I think that they have slowly planted seeds … Drinking in the bar means something [in a David Shore show]. When you're in the world on the shore, it's no coincidence. They pay attention to what they choose to discover, and how they show characters in and out of the hospital. So, you know, this is not Lim and Melendez the first beverage together. They refer it, and, of course, it can go in any way. On the basis of everything, it is still a true friendship, and they have mutual respect for the ability of each other as surgeons, so it is definitely the basis.

TVLINE | I think that many spectators, including me, have been caught up in the Chemistry of Lim and Melendez in the charity gala of Season 1. The seeds were planted then.
Mmhmm, exactly. And yes, no matter how fans feel about it, they caught it early.[[[[Laughs]

TVLINE | Melendez and Lim agreed that this is a one-time thing, but the appearance of Melendez's face when he realizes that Lim is quarantined, and then among those infected, suggests that there are some pretty strong feelings there. Does Lim feel the same way?
Yes, I know she does. I can say so much. Whether they choose to move forward with this is another topic that I can not speak at all in detail, but they definitely share strong feelings for each other.

TVLINE | It does not look good for Lim at the end. Not only is she infected, but she ends the hour she has spent on the floor of the emergency room …
As a drama queen, she is![[[[Laughs]

TVLINE | Obviously you can not disclose the fate of Lim, but what can I hang out about where to get up in the midnight premiere?
We take exactly where we stopped. Like, seconds later.

TVLINE | For you, not only as a member of the cast, but as a spectator, which of the many cliffhangers shook him the most, except Lim?
There is so much bad going, that I remember thinking – not only [do these cliffhangers impact] the sequence of the series, but we have guest actors, and the lives of these characters hang in the balance. Those people in the emergency room came for help, and they are happening and things. So the thought I had was: "How will we get rid of this chaos? And how will Sean rise up, get out of the floor and help Morgan, who has his fingers planted in a hole in someone's body? How will they save all lives, as well as ourselves? "I am just as curious to see how they will manage to fix everything in the next episode.

What do you think? The good doctor falling final? And what are your previous thoughts about Season 2? Measure through the following surveys, then click on the comments to send your thoughts! (The good doctor returns Monday, January 14)

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