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Suburban vehicle is located in the Saugeen River News Center News

Monday, December 31, 2018

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Matt Hermis

Police identified the deceased as a 24-year-old woman from Wingham

Photo: Western Gray Police

Wake Seve Police say the vehicle sinking into the South Sauveen River is located by recovery units.

Police say the SUV has been found about a mile down stream from which they are believed to have entered the river.

The water rescue team in Hanover, the diving crew of the POM and the Aiton firefighters helped in the search.

Police say the vehicle is currently below 20 meters under water and is not visible from the air or river banks.

The vehicle will remain in the water until it is safe to remove.

Police in the West Gray identified the deceased man found in the river as 24-year-old Gregory Stephen Glenn Mektavish of Wingham.

On Saturday, the police responded to a report on a high-speed vehicle on Victoria Street in Ayon at around 4:15 pm.

Just over an hour later, police said it was seen that the SUV was driving into the South Saugeen River.

Police attended the scene and was on the body of the deceased man.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigations in the West Gray is trying to identify all people who are known to associate with the included vehicle registered at the address in Wingham.

You need to have any information that can help in the investigation, you will be asked to call 519-371-6911 or Stoppers to the crime at 1-800-222-8477.

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