Friday , April 16 2021

Students from Charlotteun enjoy inspiring exchanges with an astronaut floating in space | Local | News


Akra Zaidi calls her a brush with two Canadian astronauts – one stands next to her at the school gymnasium, and the other floating high above the universe – one experience in life.

"I was surprised," says Iphra, a student at Stonepak High School.

"I could see David Saint Jacques, right there when he reacted to me – and that was really, really cool."

Saint-Jacques, an astronaut of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), flew to the International Space Station last December. During his assignment, he conducts Canadian and international scientific experiments and technological demonstrations. He also supports critical operations and maintenance activities, including robots and space ships.

On Friday, he turned over the view, a microphone in hand, on the ISS ship about 400 kilometers above the Earth, to talk to about 600 students from Stupica.

Students can thank the science teacher from Sharan Sharn Rainer – and the happiness of the draw – by being able to enjoy this world experience.

A dozen or so students went to the microphone to release the prepared questions to Saint-Jacques, who was enlightened in the big screen room.

The exchange was cautious.

Asked by a student why young people should take care of the climate change that Saint-Jacques is trying to document in his photos taken from the ISS, the Canadian astronaut told everyone on the planet to take care of everyone.

"This planet is ours – and that's yours," he told students, adding that he hoped for "excellent solutions" that would emerge from young minds.

In response to another request, he said that being in space had changed his view of the Earth in many ways.

"The earth is beautiful. It's blue. It's breathing."

Space Recording

Here is a biography of David Saint-Jacques, a Canadian cosmonaut-cosmonaut currently on his first mission at the International Space Station:

  • Born on January 6, 1970
  • Native at Saint-Lambert, Que.
  • Background includes an engineer, astrophysicist and family doctor
  • Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, Saint-Jacques was co-head of medicine at Inualtick Health Center in Pouvirnik, Nunavik
  • It has a commercial-pilot rating with multiple engines and instruments and an advanced diving license
  • She got married and has three children
  • A lifelong mountaineer, cyclist, skier and avalanche sailor

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, a microphone in the arm of the International Space Station 400 km above the Earth, answered questions from students from
Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, a microphone in the hand of a ship at the International Space Station 400 kilometers above Earth, responded to questions from Camp Camp students in Charlotteun. – Jim Day

Jeremy Hansen, the CSA astronaut who has been working with Saint Jacques for almost ten years, strongly planted his legs in the Stonepacs gym, to help inspire the students.

Hansen says he is inspired for space at a young age.

"I flew into a picture of the astronauts standing on the moon and just casting a roll over into my brain and I thought it was amazing, we can do it," he says.

He set out to become an astronaut early in life and many people helped him on the road.

"And that's what I'd like to leave these kids here today is set goals in your life, to share with others around you: your family, your teachers, your mentors. You'll be surprised at what you can achieve . & # 39; & # 39;

Sidney Laikok, 14, says Hansen's meeting and Sen Jacques's watching on the big screen only intensifies her interest in science.

"The robot I consider is very interesting, and also AI – artificial intelligence," she says.

"I think it's very cool."

However, she does not commit to one day taking the opportunity to travel in space.

"It will depend on the situation," she says.

"As it would be incredible. It would be great, but I'm not sure."

Time capsule

Here are some key moments for David Saint Jacques at the International Space Station:

  • Gives the first press conference live from December 10th.
  • It runs spring on April 8 with Ana McLane from NASA.
  • During a live event of January 18, Saint-Jacques launched an interactive web-based activity using photos taken from space.
  • On January 23, the first amateur radio contact between Saint-Jacques and Ottawa students.
  • Saint Jacques should return to Earth in late June.

Zaidi says she is fascinated by space and has thought several times about what it would be like to become an astronaut for her.

"After seeing David on his ship (International Space Station), I saw how happy he was and fulfilled his dreams, and that made me want to do it, but I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to go so far, 39; she said.

"It's really scary."

As for Hansen, he hovers high in the prospect of flying in space and watching the Earth in a completely different light.

"It's so obvious when my colleagues are returning from space and I'm sitting with them that it's the most sensitive view of our planet," he says.

"One of my friends was just saying," You've seen all the videos, you've seen photos, you imagine it will be just like that, but it strikes your mind. It's indescribable. So, it's something that makes me very happy that one day I will have that attitude. "

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