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Star Jim Nile for criticism of CEO: "We all need to be better"

Dallas Stars Jim Neill agrees with the executive director of the critics team, Jim Lits, on Friday, but it does not have to be the way he was betrayed.

"First of all, a hockey message from Jim was dead. I think the message had to go out there," Neal said on Sunday, according to "We all have to be better, from the management to the coaches to the players, and all the way, we have to be better. So the message was right.

"I talked to Jim, I do not approve of the language or the tone, he is emotional, he carries the star of his heart, he has got emotional and understandable, so I do not justify it." But the message sent by him and the leadership was dead I agree with everything. "

The characters wrote the headlines on Friday when they gave an interview Athletic criticizing stars Jamie Ben and Tyler Sogun for their bad offensive numbers so far this season.

"They are [expletive] [expletive]"I do not know how to say it differently," said Lits. "These guys were signed on major contracts because they were the third and six leading scorers in the National Hockey League over the past five years. They receive the money, we expect them not to be overcome in every game we play. And if they were good, as they were in the past, we will not have this conversation. "

Neal tried to stay positive when he spoke on Sunday, pointing out that the team was a good defender, despite the lack of many blue line regulators, including John Klingberg, for injuries. But he also added that the stars have high expectations for the season, and their record of 20-16-3, which currently holds the second-placed wild card at the Western Conference, is simply not good enough.

"Why did this happen? We have 40 games." Last year we were in this place, our goal was hurt, and that cost us the playoffs. We will not let it slip this year, "said Neal.

"Part of it is Tyler Segin, while we sit today, is 60th in the league to score, and Jamie Ben is 78. And I talked to them, they know that. We talked about it. They know it must be better, "Neil added. "Where will we be if we were in the top 30 in achievement? Will we have two, three, four more victories? We would not be standing right here right now." It's part of them to improve. "They are team leaders. they do not lead. With the rest of the team, they have to improve. "

After the comments were released, the Stars solided with a 5-1 win over Detroit Red Wings on Saturday. Neil sees this victory as a sign of good things to come and is not worried about any negative consequences of Lits' public criticism.

"This is not the end of the world, we are in a good position, let's take more," said Neal. "We do not have complacency. We have great expectations that everyone does in this league. Do not let them slip."

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