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Spurs "robbed" the Sun in the final victory

Rudy Gay struck a hurricane jumper to give Tottenham a dramatic victory of 126-124 on Tuesday night, but Greg Popovic was not particularly impressed.

Popovic was actually furious with San Antonio's efforts against Phoenix Suns.

Pop said his team "did not pay tribute to them or the game" during an interview interview of 27 seconds.

Per Express news:

"I'm not happy what happened, but we won," said Gay. "It's part of being a good team and finding a way to win."

Afterwards, Popovic poured cold water during the celebration, believing that the game should never have been lowered to the hero's heroic character. He did not take any questions from the journalists after the match, offering only a brief statement that ended with a charge of his team's approach.

"We had no respect for them or the game," Popovic said. "It was a pathetic performance. The Phoenix got robbed."

Greg Popovic Unsure whether he will train next season

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