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Spike Belt Stopped Police Launch – BC

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Police say they have detained people after a police search for the Fraser Valley and the Vancouver Metro Station.

Surrey RCMP say they received an attack report by a man who was driving a white BMW sedan.

A spokesman in Chilivak later withdrew the vehicle and stopped the driver, but the RCMP said the vehicle had returned to a police cruise and fled.

Police said they were chasing the vehicle along Highway 1 through Chilivik, Abbotsford and Langley, because they believed the victim of the attack was still in the sedan.

Mounties say they eventually used a spiked belt through the highway to stop the vehicle.

A passenger in the car was found safe and police said the driver was in custody and was due to appear in court on Friday.


Donations from SOC donations to support abused and homeless animals were stolen from the branch in Port Alberni just days after Christmas.

"There were significant damage to the outer window, two interior windows and interior doors," says branch manager Kelly Pew.

Luckily, during the break, no animals were hurt, but the thieves steal a $ 700 safe deposit box for Christmas donations for the animals they need. "

The SPCA staff transferred the animals into care – two dogs, five cats and two kittens – at Parksville SPCA, while the building was cleaned and secured, but the animals now returned to Port Alberni and the branch reopened.

"Those funds were urgently needed to provide shelter, veterinary care and rehabilitation for the most vulnerable and exposed animals in our community," Pew said.

RCMP examined.

January 4, 2019 / 12:19 | Story:

Health Minister Adrian Dix says that BC has taken a "long break" to help low-income households deal with the cost of prescription drugs.

Dix said that deductions and other payments were eliminated for 240,000 families, which means they no longer have to choose to pay for their medical needs or provide grounds, such as food or shelter.

The health ministry says the three-year $ 105 million program, which came into force on January 1, provides a family with a net annual income of $ 30,000 or less, no longer paying for prescription drugs.

Prior to this, families with net income between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 paid $ 300 to $ 600 in reimbursement before getting help for drug coverage.

Revisions of the program also reduced household deductions for earnings between $ 30,000 and $ 45,000, while certain payments were wiped out for low-income elderly people and for the poorest households of BC who earn less than $ 14,000.

Earlier, even a family that earned just over $ 11,000 annually should have spent 200 dollars on prescriptions before Pharmacare started to raise the tab, and Dix called the change "one of the most important things" it achieved after becoming a minister when it came to power NDP 18 months ago.

Details published by the Ministry of Health say that the data show a link between low-income levels, deductions, and reduced drug costs, indicating that families will refrain from filling recipes due to costs.

The changes, the first Fair Pharmacare since 2003, also show B.C. is engaged in the federal government's move to the national pharmacy program, but is not ready to wait for results, Dix said.

"I think that with regard to the future of any national pharmacy program, this shows the steps we need to take to ensure that at a time when everything becomes less acceptable, people do not have to make choices." between their health and other basic services, "he said at a news conference in Vancouver.


January 4, 2019 / 11:51 pm | Story:

A lawyer for defense of a man at a trial for killing a 12-year-old girl in Merritt more than 40 years ago said the Crown relied on a false confession and failed to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt.

Patrick England told the jurors in the final arguments of B.C. The Supreme Court in Vancouver that the undercover police provided and promised invitations to Gary Handel during an operation in Ontario in 2014.

Handlen pleaded not guilty to the murder of Monica Jack in the first degree in 1978.

Angly says secret officers used the so-called. Mr. Big's operation, which led to his client's recognition, but the law recognizes that those targeted by such police practices can falsely admit that they are crimes.

Angly says Handlen has found friends and family in the alleged criminal group he joined and faced losing his job.

But Crowne said that Handel had many friends and work and claimed he was a suspicious person who even asked if he was filmed before his alleged confession, which was captured with a hidden video camera.

January 4, 2019 / 11:47 | Story:

The extreme instability of oil markets resulted in a price hike of four cents per liter in the Vancouver Metro and the analyst predicted that the additional increase could arise within a few days.

Dan McSteg, a senior gas analyst at, says Vancouver residents will be "children of posters" for what he expects to be a wild year for gas prices across Canada.

He says a four cents increase is the culmination of a series of events, including the blast of an Enbridge natural gas pipeline in October and the unexpected closure of the Washington gas pipeline last month in Washington.

McTeague says retailers are still returning from these events and have to cover gas demand in Oregon, Washington and southern British Columbia, causing the latest increase and another increase in what he predicts could be "pennies or two" to Sunday.

The Grand Vancouver imports all of the fuel, adding to its costs, but McTeigh says fuel taxes will also climb to BCC. on April 1.

He says the tax will add 3.3 cents to the price of one liter of fuel and will make the Vancouver district the highest tax jurisdiction for any major city in North America.

"You kick out Montreal," says Mektega. "There are several occasions where number 1 is not such a big deal."

The GasBuddy website found an average gas price in Vancouver at about $ 1.31 per liter on Friday, well above the average gas price in some other Canadian cities. In Halifax, the average price was 97.8 cents, while in Montreal it was 1.11 liter. One liter of gas was just over US $ 1 in Toronto and was at 90.6 cents in Calgary.

McTeague's written analysis says that the turbulent year that follows the prices of Canadian pumps will be partly due to concerns over the surprise trade war between the United States and China, Brexit, the status of world crude oil products and the overall demand for petroleum products.

"Overall, oil prices in 2019 could be more expensive than any year of 2014, helped in no part of the increase in taxes on gas and currency challenges," the analysis says.

January 4, 2019 / 11:46 | Story:

The accusations have been raised against two men in what police claim to be the target of shooting at the Sara's home in connection with a personal dispute.

Men, aged 30 and 42, face several weapons-related charges.

Police were alerted to the shooting on Wednesday night with more than 911 call shots.

No injuries.

The officers entered the vehicle in the shooting area that night and three people were arrested, but the third person was later released without charge.

The RCMP report says they do not believe that the shooting was related to the gang conflict in Vancouver Metro.

January 4, 2019 / 07:49 | Story:

The clearing work is under way at the Canadian Railway crash site, east of Field, BC, near the Alberta border.

CP Rail said in a statement that there were no injuries when 16 vehicles in the freight train set off the tracks on Thursday around 11:10 am, MST, about eight kilometers east of the community.

The company says it was a mixed manifesto, meaning it carried different articles, but there were no dangerous substances involved.

The teams reached the area on Thursday night, but there is no immediate word about how long it will be before the scene is cleaned.

CP Rail says it is redirecting rail traffic.

The Transportation Security Board is investigating the crash.

Alan Kelly

Update 7:22 am

Warnings for precipitation, winds, snow and winter storms are abolished for all southern BC. after a powerful system busy across the province, leaving the flooded or snowy roads in its awakening.

On Vancouver Island, torrential rains forced floods or high currents in several ways, and the flood also triggered advisory water for all users of the Comox Valley's water system, including the residents of Cortene and Comox.

The Comox Valley Regional District said in a press release that heavy rains caused turbulence in the backup pumping station to rise above the acceptable thresholds, causing a need for reporting water heating.

The Canadian environment says the two-day storm has fallen to 100 mm of rain at Port Alberni and parts of the eastern part of Vancouver Island, equivalent to a full month of precipitation, while more than 50 millimeters fell on Thursday at Vancouver International Airport.

In the mountains, Avalanche Canada says strong snow created a "big" opportunity for slides on the southern shores and mountains of Vancouver Island, as well as across much of the eastern central and southeast BC, which means there are many dangerous avalanche conditions .

– with files from a Canadian press

ORIGINAL 5:00 am

Avalanche Canada warns inexperienced bank users to stay away this weekend.

A strong storm came through B.C. Thursday, creating a great danger of an avalanche. Highway 1 between Revelstock and Golden was closed most of the day to control the avalanche.

Grant Helgejon says large natural avalanches are expected.

"Revelstock is really the heart of the Columbia Mountains, and … you see a high (danger) at all heights in this zone," he said.

Helgeson says the danger is hard to see for the uninitiated.

It is expected that the high avalanche rating will be shifted to a significant weekend, but that's when people are more likely to get into trouble.

"As people seek to open the door to the mountains this weekend, it will be a tricky time," he said. "It's important when we have horrible incidents and deaths."

Avalanches that are activated by humans are most likely in those conditions.

"It will take time for snow to adapt to all this new snow and snow," said Helsingon. "This will be a weak weekend to manage avalanche danger in the province."

External enthusiasts should make "relatively conservative decisions, make small bites, top of the thumb in the avalanche field, if they have the skills and experience to do it, and really feel like a snow dog goes under your skis or sleds," said Helgeson .

To update the terms, check this link.

Update 7:00 AM

The Trans-Canada highway is now open for traffic with one traffic route west of the field.

The highway is off due to the vehicle incident for several hours. The traffic is supported if you travel to Alberta, we advise you to expect delays.

Canada's environment has also lifted all time warnings and recommendations from 7 am on Friday morning.


The Trans-Canada Motorway is closed in both directions due to a vehicle incident west of the field.

The incident of the undiscovered vehicle is between the western border of the Yohho National Park and the Rod Field for 26.0 km. Extreme teams are on the stage and an assessment is under way.

Canada's environment has raised weather warnings for Rogers Los, but the 3-Paulson Summit warning to Cataneh Louth – dangerous winter conditions remain.

The latest remnants of the strong Pacific frontal system will move through the Paulson Summit in the Coteitey Paus region. Total snow accumulations of 25 to 35 centimeters can be expected by the middle of the morning before the snow is reduced.

Rapidly accumulated snow will make it difficult to travel. Get ready for rapidly changing and worsening travel conditions. Visibility can be suddenly reduced at times with strong snow.

Weather in the mountains can change suddenly, resulting in dangerous driving conditions.

The Worm Park apologized after he refused to enter the dog's dog at Langley.

Danica Date took her brother, Kai Chand, to the extreme airspace on Wednesday, but they were refused for his dog, Rosie. Kai, 11, has autism, and Rose is a registered animal for services.

"I explained to her," Oh, no, the dog will sit with me in the waiting area, "Dut told KTV News," and she says, "No, your dog is not allowed."

Dut says employees did not review their documentation and offered a loan, but not a refund. "But what good credit is Kai's dog denied access?" she posted on Facebook.

The incident brought Cai to tears.

The boy's boy came to collect the dog, and his day was not destroyed, but Dutt said the incident "broke my heart."

"When he is preoccupied, he just hurts, he shouts and cries, and with this dog he can only give him a moment to retreat and make it easier," she explained.

"It was just a kind of thinking that they rejected and will not return the money," his mother said.

The organization of the PC and Alberta guide dogs follow the company.

"Wherever the public has access or pays to enter is a public domain by definition, these dogs are allowed to enter that building," explained CEO Thornton.

Kai's sister says she received an apology from the company through social media, as well as a free access offer for a year.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

You postpone, you will lose.

Corporate Corporation Corporation said Thursday's deadline was to seek a year-long, million-winning Lotto 649, with no one winning the prize.

A ticket was purchased in Victoria on January 3, 2018, and expired yesterday at 4:30 am, reports CTV News.

Over the past 10 years, potential gains of 6.2 million US dollars have withdrawn so far, says BCLC.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

The details are expected soon on a possible second time around the Malachat Highway on Vancouver Island.

The notorious dangerous road, which is the only highway north of Victoria, is a scene of numerous road accidents when the motorway is closed.

The Transport Ministry says it works with stakeholders and expects to share more details in a "very near future," reports CTV News.

This autumn, Transport Minister Clare Treva has directed staff to investigate the sustainability of the second road bypass.

The fall last year closed the highway for up to 11 hours simultaneously, leaving Mill Bay as the only option, but the ferry is quickly sold, leaving thousands of drivers stuck.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

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