Wednesday , November 25 2020

SpaceX launches advanced satellite to map ocean in orbit

Under clear blue skies from southern California on Saturday, the SpaceX Falcon rocket jumped 9,229 feet from the ground of the 4E space launch complex at Vandenberg base in California at 09:17 PSS (12:17 pm EST / 1717 GMT), reports The rocket was carrying the world’s latest ocean-going satellite, the Sentinel-6 spacecraft Michael Freilich. Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich is one of two identical spacecraft that make up the Sentinel-6 / Assignment-CS (Continuity of Service) mission developed in partnership between NASA and ESA (European Space Agency)

On Saturday, the Asoneison-6A, the first of two identical satellites, was launched into orbit along the trajectory it took. South over the Pacific Ocean. Nine minutes after launch, the Falcon’s first stage successfully landed back at the launch site. About an hour after launch, the Jason-6A was released from the second phase of the Falcon 9, and soon after deployed its solar panels and made its first contact with the controllers, according to CTV News Canada.

Jason-6A will be joined by his twin assone-6B in 2025 for $ 97 million. The twin satellites will contribute nearly 30 years of continuous data entry – following in the footsteps of three previous missions – TOPEX / Poseidon and Asoneison-1, Ocean Surface Topography / Asoneison-2 and Asoneison-3. The International Satellite for Ocean Science was renamed after Earth scientist Dr. Michael H. Freilich. Dr. Freilich was director of NASA’s Earth Science Department for more than 12 years before retiring in February 2019. During his tenure at NASA, Dr. Freilich led the revitalization of NASA’s fleet of Earth-awakening research missions.

Dr. Freilich died of cancer in August. Freilich’s family watched the launch in person, with son Daniel and daughter Sarah (with Frejlich’s granddaughter Rosie) remembering their father after the elevator. “It means so much to see and feel,” Daniel Freilich told a witness to the launch of NASA’s live broadcast. “I heard him talk about it.” Sarah added, “It was wonderful. “I have never seen anything so beautiful before.”

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