Saturday , July 31 2021

Soulja Boy forced to pull knock-off consoles, a Web site Now redirects to the 3DS store of Nintendo


One of the strangest stories that appeared during 2018 was Soulja Boy's recent saga, in which the rapper decided to try to lift his hand into whipping gaming consoles that were previously filled with hundreds of unlicensed ROMs. Originally, this business was composed of only two different machines, but this soon expanded and included the "SouljaBoy Mini" – a rearrangement of the already existing Game Boy.

Well, you might be surprised (or not surprised) to find out that Soulja Boy has now downloaded all console product pages. Not much has been said about this issue in any official capacity, but the rapper's tweet below suggests that some form of legal action is likely to occur. Nintendo has always been incredibly shielded from his IP, and several other game publishers would also be affected by Soulja Boy's products; it is easy to imagine that at least one company will withdraw and take action.

However, in an interesting turn of events, one of the Soulja Boy websites now redirects visitors to their Nintendo 3DS store. You can try it for yourself – just visit and enjoy some great 3DS and 2DS bundles.

And so, the morale of the story here is that stealing the work of other people and selling as their own to make a profit is rather frowning. Who knew?

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