Tuesday , August 3 2021

Sidney Crosby sticks to the Rangers fan for all the stars

Having a strong mouth will not bring you many places in life, but I got a New York Rangers Fan on the old glass stick and a great story for his comrades.

Nick Limeike's constant cry at Sydney Crosby and the Pittsburgh penguins during a Wednesday match made a clear impression.

Instead of exaggerating the mockery, Crosby played elegantly. After the match, he had a penguin trainer who took out a glass signature that read: "Good miracle.

Lippeyka's seats were next to the penalty box, so Crosby could not miss it when he took the penalty in the first period. But Crosby did not have to be in the box to hear it. Lipeika was discussing litter loud enough to hear through Madison Square Garden.

But it was more than Lipayka's vocal sound, which had an impression.

The material was the quality of all the stars.

On the other side, Crosby was praised for Twitter for his good move, probably it was much easier, thanks to the Penguins' victory with 7: 2 in which the Penguins captain had a goal and help.

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