Sunday , April 18 2021

Shableton photo-tweeting of Jeff Bezos "Blue Origin" can be a lunar

Blue Origin, the space company founded by Amazon's President Jeff Bezos, shares a cryptic picture of the expedition of famous researcher Ernest Shackleton on Friday.

@ blueorigin tweets

The photo is from "Charlton" ship "Endurance" during the attempt of the researcher to make the first land route to Antarctica more than a century ago. But Shackleton is also the name of a crater on the surface of the moon. And it's not just a crater. NASA called it a crater for the famous researcher in 2006, due to its potential as a lunar site. Located on the south pole of the moon, the Shackleton crater, many believe that they have frozen waters.

The presence of "water ice," as NASA calls it, is key to any plans for returning the moon. Bezos often talks about how he wants to restore human creatures to the surface of the moon and, as NASA administrator Jim Bridden says, to do so with constant presence.

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