Sunday , May 16 2021

Sex with US high school footballer was "consensual", claims schoolteacher's wife – RT Sport News

Kelsey McCarter, the wife of a football coach at a high school in Tennessee, has denied rape claims, insisting that the prolonged "affair" with a 16-year-old football player was completely consensual. The alleged victim sues Mac Qatar.

This comes despite McCarter (29), pleading guilty to six counts of statutory rape in 2017 after attempts began with a teenager from South Doyle High. Her husband, Justin McCart, worked at high school at the time, as an assistant coach.

McCarter is in jail after agreeing to a three-year jail sentence for which he must serve at least 30 per cent, but has asked the judge to strike out a lawsuit filed by a teenager who claims that McCarth has repeatedly harassed him after moving to her and her husband in 2014 year.

The tenure of Tennessee is 18 years old.

Teenager, along with his older brother, moved with McCarthy with a mother's permission, which was said to have been experiencing "domestic problems" at that time.

"[The boy] claims to have sustained a violation of repeated "sexual abuse" by Miss McCarter, "Said her lawyer, Doug Trent, in a bid after the New York Post.

"However, the complaint is filled with factual allegations that allow it to be concluded that [he] was ready to participate in numerous sexual encounters with Miss McCarter. "

The two boys were asked to leave McCarter's family in August 2015 by Justin McCurter, although he said that this was not due to a sexual relationship, as he was not aware of it at the time.

The relationship between Mac cartel and teenager continued along this path. The two boys were allowed to return to McCart's home next October. The relationship became public when a teenager posted a clear picture of McCarter for social media.

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Kelsey McCaster was later charged and Justin McCarter resigned as school assistant coach.

McCarter now asks the judge, through his lawyer, to strike out a lawsuit filed by the teenager for the reason that he is "a willing participant" in the affair and therefore has no right to compensation.

"From [the boy’s] his own admission to the lawsuit, he continued to "tolerate" the sexual contact with Ms McCarter because he wanted to return to live with McCarters, "Wrote in Dag Trent.

"With his own admission in the lawsuit [the boy] wanted and maintained a sexual relationship with Ms. McCarter, in order to gain personal benefit – initially to extend his stay in McCarthy stay, and then secure his return. "

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The proposal further elaborates, suggesting McCarter has the right to believe that the teenager wanted to be involved sexually with him.

At least 11 counts of sexual harassment are charged against McCarter in the lawsuit, which occurs between July and October 2015. Two million dollars are being claimed for damages for the case, with the next hearing scheduled for December 20.

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