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Seungrie's Problems: Timeline of Singer's Big Bang Problems, Entertainment News and Top Stories

Singapore – This was not a good year for Seungry.

The 28-year-old singer K-pop, who is the youngest member of the South Korean boyband BigBang, was hit by a scandal after another, leading to a statement Monday (March 11th) that he decided to give up the show business entirely.

Here is a time period of the main events that led to the release of the shock.

January 28:

MBC News Desk reported that Burning Sun staff was charged with attacking a client in November last year (2018). Seoul's nightclub was owned by Seungry at the time.

The club-star claimed to have seen a woman sexually molested and asked the guards to help. Instead, the staff allegedly attacked him.

The night club was found under the next police investigations over whether it was a hot spot for drug distribution and sexual harassment.

Feb 16:

At the Seoul concert, Seungri says: "I'm sorry I'm disappointed with so many people and I'm thinking about what happened. Despite the controversy, I did not act responsibly. From now on I will think and act I want to apologize for not showing modesty and acting carelessly. "

Feb 17:

Burning Sun reportedly stops operations.

Feb 23:

Seungry has a solo concert in the "Old Theater".

Feb 27:

The singer has been questioned by the police for more than eight hours over allegations of drug use and providing sexual services for VIP customers in Burning Sun.

He says he will co-operate with South Korean police and apologize through YG Entertainment, his management agency, on "issues raised during the past month".

February 28:

Seungry canceled upcoming concerts in Jakarta and Osaka.

8th of March:

YG Entertainment confirms that the singer will report to the military on March 25, according to the Soompi lifestyle portfolio.

March 10:

Reports say the singer is accused of providing prostitutes to foreign investors in his private club.

March 11:

Seungry announces his decision to give up the show business. He writes to Instagram: "I think it's okay to retire from this industry. I will cooperate with the investigation and clarify any suspicion."

According to the Alkopp lifestyle portal, YG Entertainment issued a statement stating that he posted the opinion without consulting him, adding: "We still have to decide whether to terminate his contract or not. We will explain when the situation is understood outside. "

March 12:

Seungry is reportedly among sex users sexually sent by singer K-pop Jung John-young, who is said to have illegally filmed videos and shared via mobile messengers. .

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