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Seattle, the title of the salary, begins with the meetings of the Board of Governors

NOW OSTAN, G. – As the potentially owned Seattle group was anxiously checked at this resort on Monday afternoon, people who run the other 31 NHL teams received a business reduced on the day of the opening of board meetings of governors.

There was good news for general managers: Gary Bettman projected that the salary for the next year would increase to about $ 83 million, which means there will be about 3.5 million more available to be spent on payrolls in 2019-20.

"It could be a bit more, it could be a bit less," said Betman.

Those who manage a crisis crisis certainly appreciate it.

The drop has steadily grown in recent years, from $ 64.3 million in 2013-14 to $ 69 million to $ 71.4 million to $ 73 million to $ 75 million and ultimately $ 79.5 million this season.

"I think the fact that wages continue to increase means that revenues continue to increase, which means that the situation in sports and business is very healthy," Deputy Commissioner Bill Delhi said. "It's as healthy as it was before. It's good for us, it's good for players, I think it's good for everyone."

Seattle will appear on Tuesday morning after voting for their offer of expansion. They need three quarters to become the 32nd franchise, which is certainly, but surely.

Seattle hockey partners have to pay a $ 650 million expansion fee – 30 percent more than Vegas in June 2016 – which is another sign that the league's business is pretty strong right now.


Sugars that left the room on Monday began to play in Seattle in 2021, not in 2020, as they were originally hoping.

It could make an interesting announcement Tuesday morning. At one point the NHL Seattle Group had a flag with the "2020" flying at the top of the Space Needle icon, so this is definitely a change of plans.

However, with the KeyArena project already scheduled for completion in November 2020, this is a reasonable choice. You can not start a team with six-week road games and expect great impact at home.

On another note, the diversion that Arizona will see will move to the Central Division with Seattle joining the Pacific Division will not take effect even in the season 2021-22.

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Uncontrolled in the Ottawa

Evgeni Melnik did not shorten it to Georgia at the Governor's meeting, but his senators in Ottawa were still a hot topic of conversation.

Bettmann updated the owners about the status of the Melnyk plan to build a new arena at LeBreton Flats and his $ 700m court suit against the former business partner Trinity Development Group.

The commissioner told reporters that he was "disappointed with how he played it, but these are complex issues".

I would like to see Senators eventually find a home in the city center.

"I think it will be, for many reasons, nice," said Bettmann. "But Mr. Melnik said that if the Canadian tire center has to do it, he can do it. But again, let's not draw any conclusions. This is a complicated situation."

The league is ready to go in the situation and offer support if necessary, according to Betman. He believes that they were useful for getting new arenas built in Edmonton and Pittsburgh in recent years.

Bettmann said that nothing should be read in the fact that Melnik missed this meeting. He was in New York when the board met on October 2.

"There are many things that are happening, especially in early December," he said. "We have a lot of owners who are not here – we can not make this meeting – he makes a big part of our meetings. No, I do not see it as a source of concern."


The future of the World Cup, which is currently associated with the potential repeat of the collective agreement, remains undecided with the time that pervades the decision.

The league told the NHL's players that they should know by next month if the Union is ready to go ahead with the World Cup in the autumn of 2020. This includes the expansion of the CBA, which will expire on September 15th of that year if it reopens.

"They know the timeframe," Bettman said. "So the package is in the end".

It seems that the commissioner had no indication as to how the players bend.

He is ready to play at the World Cup four years after the latter in Toronto in order to build an impulse for the event. But work must start soon if this happens.

"The discussions we have [with the NHLPA] if we want to make the World Cup and make the necessary planning, if we do not know until the 1st year or all the stars then it makes no sense to try to withdraw the World Cup 2020, "said Bettman." The last year and a half, For two years, we were anxious to strengthen the plans for the World Cup, but for what reason the association of players was not prepared to do so. "


Seven months after he chose not to renew Chuck Fletcher's contract, owner of Minnesota Wild, Craig Lepopol, sang his praise.

Leyland was thrilled to see Fletcher as the new general manager of Philadelphia Flyers on Monday night.

"I think he will be absolutely fantastic in Philadelphia, he's a great general manager," said Leipold. "I think that's exactly what Filly needs. I think everyone will be happy: victory, victory, victory."

Fletcher spent nine years with the Wild before the contract expires after last season. He then joined the New Jersey Devils as an advisor before being called up to replace Ron Heksstall from the Flyers.

Team President Paul Holmgren made it clear he expects his new GM to be aggressive in trying to immediately improve Flyers.

"He was brave with us," Lippold said. "We've made a few big steps, he's not afraid to make moves, I can tell you, a boldness he can do."


We have been told that the expanded format of the playoffs is not on the official agenda here, but that did not prevent several governors from discovering the theme in the marsh corridors at The Cloister.

Bettman is not in favor – Communism made it very clear during his podcast submission 31 thoughts with Eliot Friedman and Jeff Marek – but several governors feel that eventually they could win if a plan can be formulated journeys involved and does not extend the length of the current playback with a significant amount.

So, it's not an idea for today, it seems, but an idea that has not completely disappeared.

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