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Seahawks, Carol reached a multi-year extension

RENTON, wash – Doug Baldwin is one of the few remaining on the list in Seattle Sihox, who hanged himself long enough to give a precise and comprehensive reading for Coach Pete Carroll, who on Monday received a three-year contract to extend the contract.

After having been with Carol in eight of his nine seasons in Seattle, Baldwin said that the coach he made this season may be the best of Carroll, taking the team that few are expected to be a candidate and lead them in the post-season for the seventh time in his term at Seahawks.

"I will say this as one of his best years of training, no doubt. All new faces, all new trainers, new guys, really only realize how best to use them so that we can be successful at the football field and perform high level, it's incredible, "Baldwin said. "Now he will not get the whole loan, because we have an abusive coordinator and a defensive coordinator and all the coaching positions that run their tails, too. It's a complete team effort, surely, but I'll say that I think that Pete has done a fantastic job This year ".

Seattle won his place in the post-season with a 38-31 win on Sunday against Kansas City, the fifth Siahox victory in the last six games, ending a turn of the start of 0-2 and sitting 4-5 in the middle row. Seahawks (9-6) is probably heading for a colonial match against Dallas, although there are several scenarios in which Seattle can fall to the seventh and face Chicago in the first round.

Seahawks rewarded him with a multi-year extension that will take him during the season 2021, when Carroll will turn 70 in September. Carroll said he approached the franchise last week for resumption and completed the deal on Monday afternoon.

There were some questions about Carol's future with the uncertainty about ownership after Paul Allen's death in October. Carroll said he was valued for how he was treated by the franchise since his arrival in 2010.

"I'm excited to announce that we have continued coach Pete Carroll through the 2021 season," said Jodie Allen, president of Seahox and Paul G's creditor. Allen Trust. "This will continue the culture of the championship we have created in Seattle".

Carroll is not the one to rank or split his success past, but when considering the number of changes Seattle made after the failure of the post-season a year ago, it's an impressive job by the 67-year-old. In August, the question was how badly the Seahawks would be while they were undertaking a significant recovery? In December and the playoffs on the horizon, where did it go?

"It was a smell in the face. It was a scent in the face to say that we will be so bad, because it's really, really bad to win four matches," a leader in Seattle K.J. Wright said. "This team is much better than that, I appreciate it, I appreciate what I was saying. I've been in the business to prove that people are wrong."

Carroll's role in promoting Seattle's upgrade to the point of sale began in the off-season. The list was reconstructed and his staff was subject to the most massive reconstruction of his mandate. Within all these changes, Carol remained faithful to the style Seattle wanted to play. It was these new coaches and players to buy in that belief and style, and then translate them into victories on the ground where Carroll managed.

As Carroll said on Monday about John Wood, "You do not change your philosophy from year to year, your players are changing."

"You either believe in something or not," says Carroll. "I think I just stay on the course and I know that we are on something, believing in history, we know what we are capable of doing." We've shown that for many years, you always adapt, but that's what I think is what's happening. We look like a team we saw earlier, and that's powerful. "

Keeping up with philosophy means that Carol does not intend to sit at one of his regulators for the 17th week, unless the injury dictates that they could use a break, or the game will come out of control and Seattle will get the opportunity to rest some players. A victory over Arizona in the final will give Seattle his sixth season with 10 wins under Carroll and will secure a meeting with the Cowboys who won the Siyax in the third week for the first win of Seattle.

"We must continue to do what we are doing to keep the movement and precision needed to stay sharp and all that," Carroll said.

Notes: Carol clarified that Mr. J.R. Sweezy suffered a leg, not an ankle injury in Sunday's victory. He did not have a prediction whether Sweezy will play in round 17 … R.B. Rashaad Penny (knee) and RT Germain Iphédi (groin) intend to play in Sunday 17, after they have no victory over Kansas City. Carroll said the two were close to the ability to play against the bosses. … Seattle has a better idea of ​​what's happening with S Tedrick Thompson after he missed the match on Sunday with a breast injury. Carroll said Thompson had an air problem in the lung exterior tissue that must disappear before it could be cleared to play. Thompson did some work on Monday and tests should be done on Wednesday.

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