Sunday , May 16 2021

Samsung Nigeria tweets update using Apple iPhone

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Actress Gal Gado was caught using an iPhone to promote a Samsung smartphone

The promotional Twitter account of Samsung Mobile in Nigeria has been caught sending updates for the phones of the Korean firm over the iPhone to Apple.

YouTuber Marquez Brownney noticed the error and shared a tweet on a tweet sent using an iPhone Twitter app.

A separate analysis showed that more than 300 of his tweets were sent through the same mobile application.

@SamsungMobileNG account was closed and deleted immediately after the release of the error message.

The offending tweet is used to promote the organic LED display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The gaff was discovered by a tweet with words "via Twitter for the iPhone" in the lower right corner.

Twitter analyst Luke Hammer draws over 3,200 tweets sent from a Nigeria account and found that more than 10% (331) have the same message for detection.

Samsung's "Nigeria" account has now been restored, but offensive tweets have been removed from its historic food.

This is not the first time Mr. Brownlee has noticed that the products of a company are promoted through those of their rivals.

In September, Braunley noted that Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who paid Google to promote her pixel 2 phone, sent the tweets via an iPhone application.

Other celebrities who use iPhones to promote Samsung's gadgets include actress Gal Gado and Indian tennis star Sanja Mirza.

The most famous example of this practice happened in Russia when the Samsung brand ambassador Xenia Sobchak was photographed in public and on television with the help of the Apple iPhone X. Samsung sued for $ 1.6 million due to a contract violation.

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