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The results of the 2018 election will bring over 90 new members to the House of the United States, but for Democrats and Republicans, the change can not be different, as Democrats will see an influx of women and minorities, while the Republican House House will consist of white people. Before the 2018 election, there were 23 women in the ranks of House Republicans, but after retirement, races for other offices and electoral defeats – that number will be reduced to only 13 at the 116th Congress, as only one new Republican woman was elected The house in 2018. That the fall of the GP comes as a record number of women serving in the new Congress – such as an increase, because House Democrats' ranks will be cool with newly elected women from all over the country. And this graphic image makes this change even more apparent: the elected Republicans look much different from the selected democratic homes. – Erika Werner (@ericawerner) November 13, 2018 At this point, Republicans should have about 200 members in the new congress – and 180 of them will be white men. That's 90 percent. Democrats should have about 235 members in the new house – 90 of them will be white men. That's about 38 percent. Republicans will have 13 women in the new House of Representatives. Democrats will have nearly 90 women MPs. And nearly half of those Democratic women will be non-white. Welcome to the 116th Congress! – Mahjong Sorur (@mahyarsorour) November 13, 2018 The Washington Post says: "If you meet a white man in the house on the floor next year, there's a chance of 2 to 1" I'll be a Republican. " referring to the Democrats, they will vote later this week for their leadership for the 116th Congress – despite some opposition from a small group of newly elected and current Democrats – more and more looks like Nancy Pelosi will be able to find 218 votes in January to return to the post of president, for the first time it happened by Sam Reiburn in the village united in the 1950s. During the Thanksgiving holiday, Pelosi leaned on the non-permanent Democrats and suspended contracts with some as representative Marcie Fuji (D-UN), who spoke of running against her as president, while Pelosi's supporters fired repeated public statements in her name. "With Nancy Pelosi on the table, Democrats of the House are giving the best chance of meeting the promises we made to all Americans to do the job," said Rey Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). "In order to understand what Pelosi speaker will do, we should only consider what President Pelosi did: take priority of democracy as a healthcare from sleep to reality," said D-CA. One of Pelosi's daughters even went to Twitter to remind critics that the Democratic leader of the House is not unknown for legitimate undercover battles. I mean … any of us five kids could have told you these years ago. (Some of us did!) #DontMessWithMama #TeamPelosi – Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) November 22, 2018 With regard to the composition of the House of the 116th Congress, there are three races that are not final yet: + New York 22 – More absent and temporary should still be counted in this northern New York area, but Democratic leader Anthony Brindisi is too large for the Republic of Claudia Tennie (R-NY) to overcome. This will be a Democratic pickup, giving Democrats 39 seats in the House. Tennis has not yet been recognized. + New York 27 – The number ended, and the defendant R. Chris Collins (R-NY) is a winner over Democrat Nate McMurray, who has not yet recognized the defeat. This is retained by the party, as both Republican MPs, who were charged in recent months – Collins, and Republican Duncan Hunter (R-CA) – were winners in November. + California 21 – The district was originally called by news organizations for the Republican Party, but Republican David Walladao (R-CA) saw his leadership drop from thousands to less than 500 votes. It is possible that Waladao can be held, but election experts give his opponent T.D. Cox is a good chance to win. It will be +40 for the Democrats if this race moves away from the GP. One final note – all this count is normal. California counts the ballots a week and does not confirm the results by December 7th. If the GP wins the CA21, then there will be 92 new members of the House in 2019. If the Democrats win, that number will be up to 93. This is a significant person, because it is not just a change of 21% in the House (only one out of every five MPs will be new), but it will almost equal the dramatic change in 2010 , when a wave of tea party swept Congress. That year the total change was 94 members. That year was more pronounced with regard to the new Republicans against the new Democrats – but in 2019 there will be about two-thirds of new Democrats, as opposed to one-third in the GP.

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