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Redblacks destroyed Tiger-Cats in the East final to qualify for the Gray Cup

In the Gray Cup, unbelievers will appear, but now Ottawa Redblacks may be the best team in CFL.

Led by quarterback Trevor Harris, who threw a six-point pass on the final table, Redblacks torn Hamilton-Tiger-Cats 46-27 in the Sunday CFL East final on TD Place. Ottawa, who won all three games in the season against Hamilton, has set a big exclamation on how good it can be.

"We lost four in a row (for them), so they must be better than us," said Ticats coach June Jones.

"Every time they tried to get back, we got the answer," said Redblack coach Rick Campbell.

"It's an amazing feeling," said Antoine Pruneau, Redblacks, who returned to the team after six weeks with a broken thumb. "We've worked hard, we've been in playoff for many weeks."

Redblacks have accumulated offensive statistics. Harris completed 29-32 trips for 367 yards. William Powell lunged for 86 yards after 21 transports. Impressive, 10 different players caught the goal. Under-the-radar catchers Brendan Gillanders, Jean-Christophe Beaulieu and Marco Dubois each scored a touchdown. Diontae Spencer scored two touchdowns, and Greg Ellingson caught eight runs on 144 meters and landed.

"What's nice about our offense is that we do not adapt it to one guy," said Campbell. "We have many disinterested guests who just want the band to do well."

"We just kept to the basics and we believed that whatever they did in defense, we would have an answer," Spencer said. "Trevor put the ball exactly where it should."

How good was the painting?

"Offensively, I've never seen anything like this, it was crazy," said Pruneau. "I was happy that I was not on the side of defense on the other side to play against our painting."

The red defensive system seemed to reject Jeremiah Masoli, the eastern nominee for the most outstanding player. Masoli made 28 out of 41 applications for 315 yards, but also caught three times – with Jonathan Rose, Anthony Cioffi and Sherrod Baltimore.

"Every time we played a big game, we came back stronger," said Pruneau. "We challenged them, we forced Masoli to do things that were not necessarily comfortable.

"We played four times now, three times we played before, we felt like we were reading it," said Rose, who was kicked out of the game for being late in the first half. "We know what he does not like to do, we've been working on it today – to make him go into bad situations and make him act in the face of adversity.

The Redblacks took the lead 3: 0 6:14 into play when the ride got stuck on the T-3 Tathats line and Lewis Ward gained the 11-yard goal of the field.

Ticaty tied him to the goal area of ​​Lira Hajrullah from 9 meters.

Hamilton Franklin Williams (37) in the film "Hamilton-Cats" (37) will face Julian Feoli-Gudin from Ottawa Redblacks (83) during the first half of the final CFL East Division match in Ottawa, Ontario, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Sean Kilpatrick /


The challenge of coach Ottawa in terms of interventions at the goal paid off and extended the ride, which resulted in a goal goal of 27 yards.

Cioffi intercepted Masoli's refuted pass to Marquay McDaniel. Ottawa took the 22-yard Hamilton line, and during the next game Harris threw the ball to DSpencer, who galloped to the end zone. Powell fell into the end zone for a two-point convert, and in the second quarter it was 14-3 for the home page 2:28.

Otto Redblacks "Diontae Spencer (85) celebrates after a touchdown during the first half of the CFL East Division Final Football Game against Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Ottawa, Ontario, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

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Supported to his 10th, Ticats marched down, but decided on an 18-meter field goal.

Out of Hamilton's two Harris, he found wide-open Jean-Christophe & # 39; and Beaulieu in the end zone for a touchdown. The two-point convert did not work when Powell was pushed back to the brawl line. It was 20-6 Ottawa.

Ottana Redblacks "Jonathan Rose (9) is escorted from the field while playing at Hamilton Tiger-Cats during the first half of the CFL East Division final on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

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Rose issued Masola's pass to capture and led 59 yards to nine Hamilton. During the next play, Harris found Spencer to touch. Ward & # 39; s convert made to 27-6.

The Redblacks got in trouble on the next Ticats drive. On the sideline, Rose was marked as unnecessarily harsh and was disqualified from the game when he ran into the official. He was replaced on the corner by Justin Howell.

The penalty for the intervention penalty led to the move from the yard of Masoli to Mike & # 39; and Jones in the last half match.

Ottawa Redblacks "Greg Ellingson (82) makes a landing during the second half of the CFL East Division Final Football Game against Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Ottawa, Ontario, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

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During the first lap Dubois caught the 11-meter Harris penalty for the first landing on CFL. The conversion attempt was wider to the left.

Hamilton reached 33-19 on the pitch with 44 and 15 yards.

But Ottawa bounced when Gillanders took Harris for four yards for a line of fights and landed (officially it was 29 yards). Ward missed the convert.

Ellingson found a large gap in the midst of Hamilton's defense and ran 50 yards behind the touchdown. With the converter for Ottawa it was 46-19.

After 11 and 1/2 minutes Ticats played on the third and sixth near help and kept alive their shimmering hopes. The third and one, Masoli ran for a touch from a distance of 12 meters. Ticates also received a two-point conversion rate to give t to 46-27.

After making 50 straight goals in the field, Ward missed from 44 meters. Baltimore, with the third interception of the season (all off Masoli), gave Ottawa the ball on Hamilton 52.

"We have a good team, we will celebrate today and tomorrow we will move," said Baltimore. "We must go ahead, have eyes for a great reward."

Ottawa Redblacks "Greg Ellingson (82) celebrates his touch with team-mate Dominique Rhymes (15) during the second half of the CFL East Division final match against Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Ottawa, Ontario, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

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END OF AROUND: It was punishment, really, about this cursory call in Ott Ace Ellis Ellis in the middle of the third quarter. And what about an unofficial landing after a few attempts later? …

It seemed that the Redblacks could challenge the party in the first quarter by Braron Addison Ticats (the ball seemed to touch the ground). It is always difficult to decide when to use the challenge of this trainer …

I do not like the management of Ticats clocks at the end of their last, first half drive. In the face of the second and the goal from that of 12 seconds left, let the clock trickle down. It worked – they got a touchdown – but they should have been able to get two pieces in …

The turnout was announced as 24 108 – sale. Even so, there seemed to be too many empty places …

Bloody Ric Flair, who took the picture of the chair, was shown on the scoreboard at the end of the game? Really?


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