Monday , May 17 2021

Random: Super Smash Bros. Fan makes the Ultimate Custom Game Manual that you can print

Super Smash Bros Ultimate IMG 1

For several years, Nintendo does not include physical manuals in their toy cases. Today you are happy if you receive only one study leaflet. The Japanese company even went even to drilling holes in 3DS cases to make the overall production cycle environmentally friendly.

Although it makes sense to reduce any excess material, while entering any digital future, there are still many modern enthusiasts of video games that still have nice memories of highly descriptive and colorful manuals for the game being used to be the norm.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arriving later this week, an admirer takes matters into his own hands. Walking by the Reddit user name of OharaLibrarianArtur, the individual created a 52-page digital handbook for the Smash Ultimate that can be printed. It uses existing assets from the official website of the game and information from previous releases for Smash. The guide includes even character sets, which the handbook maker paid special attention to live demo events for the game.

Here's a look at the gaming manual in all its glory:


You can view every page over the Imgur or download a copy for yourself through the original post on Reddit.

What do you think of this manual? Do you want physical manuals to be standard in 2018? Tell us below.

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