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Prince Harry Sentelbel on the occasion of World AIDS Day

By Meaghan Wray

Prince Harry there are young people in the heart of so many initiatives,
and the forthcoming Campaign of CenteBal puts before us the center again
a very important reason. On World AIDS Day (December 1), the charity "Enable Youth Lead"
advocates are taking radio stations in Botswana to speak openly

The initiative hopes to inspire this generation to fight
against the virus, and they will do it through a campaign called "Radio"
Positive "- five hours young people talking about the epidemic in Africa and
calling on other young people to join the movement. With the help of Sentebale and
Harry's passion for representing on behalf of young voices, the participants will
have the opportunity to speak openly about HIV / AIDS and help end the stigma and
discrimination in the country.

But this is definitely not the first time Prince 34 worked on it
to mobilize efforts to reformulate the health talks on the continent
epidemic. Back in 2016, the father-to-be was the face of the Sentebale campaign
#FeelNoShame, where he encouraged people to be open to their struggles. In
the video, he said: "Let's show our
support for children from Lesotho [where Sentebale works] and help reduce it
stigma for all those affected by HIV, we are turning this World AIDS Day into
a day in which no one should feel ashamed of their secrets. Together we can
tackle the stigma surrounding HIV and give young people the opportunity to carry it
the childhood they deserve. Childhood so many of us take for granted. "

Prince Harry
and Prince Sisiso of Lesotho founded the organization in 2006 to help provide security
that the country's most vulnerable children were supported to go
leads a healthy life. For more than a decade, Princess Diana's son has devoted much
from his life to draw attention to the urgent issue of extreme poverty and to
suffer from HIV / AIDS – a cause that was also close to the heart of his mother. He was initially inspired to put it
his energies in the cause after his year in Lesotho in 2004, and there
after having received a public HIV test with Rihanna in Barbados on the World AIDS Day
2016 and re-mark the national HIV testing week in 2018.

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