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President of Unifor says "F *** Th" to Prime Minister Ford in a television speech

Chris Herhalt,

Posted on Saturday, December 1, 2018 4:34 PM EST

Last Updated Saturday, December 1, 2018 16:51 EST

The leader of the largest Canadian union for the private sector has heightened tensions with Prime Minister Doug Ford of Ontario on Saturday as concerns about the future of auto production in Oshawa continue to increase, telling Ford "F *** you" in a televised speech.

"You know Doug, F *** you," said Unifer's president Jerry Diaz after rejecting Ford's complaint that he had shared the prime minister's personal number, which then flooded Ford's phone number with calls and messages.

"You must know this, I will never do it, I'm a public figure, I have a lot of work to do and talk with our members every day, I'll talk to anyone," Diaz said about the charge. "He put it on social media knowing that I never did it."

Diaz then played the voicemail he received this past week, when one guy called him "unimportant stupid buffoon" to oppose the construction of the pipeline.

"It was probably the most beloved I got," he said.

Last week, General Motors Canada confirmed that the collection plant in Oshawa, with more than 2,500 Uniform workers building four different vehicles, will be closed by the end of 2019.

In the run-up to last Monday's issue, Ford told the legislator that GM had shown that the "ship had already left the port" when it came to efforts to persuade the manufacturer, who tax collectors from Ontario helped rescue in 2009 to change the course .

This statement prompted the opposition and Uniform to criticize Ford for not fighting for workers, something that the responses to personal computers were not fruitful given the lack of GM's interest in negotiating with federal and provincial governments.

Ford said the NDP and Uniform "are raising a false hope," pointing out that the closure of GM could be prevented.

"(Ford) had the desire to say that all of us, saying that we would fight, had a nerve to say that we are giving a false hope, that we are grandiose," said Diaz.

The Oshawa GM plant has been in operation since 1953, and has employed tens of thousands of employees at the top.

A spokesman for Diaz later apologized for swearing on live television, saying he was "ready while he looks at the situation of GM Oshawa".

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