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Premier League title race: 10 key moments so far | Football news

Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola head to head Thursday

Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola head to head Thursday

While Manchester City and Liverpool prepare to head to the Etihad stadium, live Sky Sports on Thursday, we chose 10 key moments in the Premier League title.

Spurs struck Old Trafford

Tottenham underscored their qualifications for the title by making the biggest defeat in Jose Mourinho's career in the first major clash of the season on August 28.

Lucas Moura scored two goals to send United to the worst start of the 2014 Premier League season.

After finishing the distant second season last season, United hoped to hold a bigger attack on the Manchester City crown, but by the end of the summer it seemed like they were out of the race.

Harry Kane and Lucas Moura are celebrating at Old Trafford

Harry Kane and Lucas Moura are celebrating at Old Trafford

Mourinho went out of his press conference after the match, demanding journalists to show more respect, adding: "Just to finish, you know what the result is? Three-zero.

"Do you know what this means?" he asked her in the room, holding three fingers. "Three-zero, but also means three Premier League, and I won more myself than the other 19 managers together.

"Three for me and two for them," he added, referring to Pep Guardiola and Manuel Pellegrini in the Premier League with City.

Tottenham is bad September

This impressive result of United contributed to Tottenham's best start in the 2009 season, but masked the uncertainty off the pitch.

Spurs became the first in the history of the Premier League to fail to make a summer signing, while frustration rose among supporters over delays at the new stadium.

Back on the pitch, the defeat at the start of the Watford GP at Vicarage Road just before the first international break only served to emphasize why many believed that Spurs had no team depth to challenge the title.

Tottenham was defeated by Watford in September

Tottenham was defeated by Watford in September

"Everyone can be a great person in the dressing room when you win, but a blow to your nose like this will find out if you are a suitable team," said Graham Saunes after the second half of the Watford Fight.

"Can you delete the criticism and deal with the disappointment? Whether it's the biggest season game or one of the teams that are less inclined, you do what you need to do to get back on the right track."

However, Tottenham could not do this, however, with their subsequent loss of 2-1 to Liverpool at Wembley, rather than showing how far Jürgen Klopp was, after being beaten 4-1 there 11 months earlier.

Sturridge saves Liverpool in Chelsea

Liverpool's victory over Spurs meant that, for the first time since 1990, they won the first five league games in a season. But they were not alone, and Chelsea enjoyed a perfect start under Mauricio Sari.

Arsenal was one of the sides beaten by Blues, while Manchester City was held in Wolverhampton. Chelsea's crash in West Ham meant that they entered their home clash with Liverpool on September 29, two points behind Clopp.

Eden Hazas's strike seemed to have won him for Chelsea, and Belgian spends a great chance to save the game while Alison denied it when he finishes the goal.

Daniel Sturridge scored equalizing with Liverpool against Chelsea

Daniel Sturridge scored equalizing with Liverpool against Chelsea

Miss proved to be expensive, while Daniel Sturridge stepped out of the substitution bench and scored three minutes later to earn an inestimable point.

Surrey admitted that Liverpool and now Manchester City's leaders were "one step ahead" on his side, but also that he "starts to think" that he could bridge the gap in a season.

Mahrez breaks his lines

In what proves to be costly every week, City had the opportunity to open a three-point lead for Liverpool when they were awarded a 85-minute penalty when both teams came face to face at Anfield on October 7.

Virgil van Dyck was punished with a foul of Leroy Sane in the box, but after consulting with his colleague Gabriel Jesus about who should be a hijacker, the punishment of Riyadh Maresh cleared the dagger and points were shared.

Manchester City vs. Liverpool

Watch Manchester City and Liverpool head to the Sky Sports Premier League.

It continued the game of City to win at Anfield in 18 matches, while Liverpool's unbeaten start remained untouched. At that time, he still felt like a good point for City, and Fernandinho's performance in the match was highlighted by his importance on the side.

But losing play so late during the day could be a huge psychological blow to Clop.

City stopping Spurs recovery

After losing to Liverpool, Tottenham have recovered to win four consecutive Premier League games and return to the Champions League ahead of their Football on Monday meeting with the city.

Liverpool beat Cardiff 4-1 at Anfield two days earlier to move to the top of the table with 26 points – corresponding to their equivalent results in the 2008/09 campaign when they finished second.

Riyadh Murres of Manchester City celebrates Tottenham Hotspur

Riyadh Murres of Manchester City celebrates Tottenham Hotspur

So the pressure was on City in front of one of the toughest matches of the season, but Tottenham rarely upset Ederson because the men of Gerdziola saw a seventh straight leaf in their 10 matches.

On the surface of Wembley, which was injured by the NFL meeting 24 hours earlier, City returned to the summit in contrast to the goal difference from the sixth minute winner of Majez.

Lighting does something out of nothing

Two defeats in the opening of two games under the new manager Unai Emery illustrated the task the Spaniard faced in turning Arsenal into titular competitors, but they entered their home game with Liverpool on November 3 on a loan of 12 matches without loss.

Alexander Lakatze scored a goal for Arsenal against Liverpool

Alexander Lakatze scored a goal for Arsenal against Liverpool

Arsenal were expected to win many of those games, but this was the Emergency Test for Emery. Saving the point at the 82-minute equalization of Alexander Lakat, the belief that the retirement of the Gunners was not a false dawn was increased – and City's initiative also returned.

The following day, Southampton were triples at 6-1 at Etiquette Stadium, when Premier League leaders defended Liverpool with points to move the two clear points to the top.

Blue works Chelsea ragged

Tottenham back from losing 1-0 to City by winning the next four in all competitions before facing Chelsea at Wembley on November 24.

Surrey's side was not yet defeated in the league, but was additionally dragged with United and Everton left four of the pace points.

Sin Heung-Ming last night in Tottenham's victory over Chelsea

Sin Heung-Ming last night in Tottenham's victory over Chelsea

With City leaders that shook West Ham 4-0 at the London Stadium and Liverpool, they tried to work hard for their 3-0 victory in Watford, the pressure was for Chelsea to keep up with the pace.

Tottenham was led by Dele Allley's shirt, but Chelsea was subsequently stripped of the fine when Edward Hazas appeared as caught by Juan Foyt in the box.

After all, Spurs continued to overcome, with Sun Heung-Min's brilliant solo goal, which led to a relentless end to the unbeaten Chelsea record.

Origi comes from the cold

With City defeating Bournemouth in routine fashion on Saturday to open a five-point lead, Liverpool's pressure was to keep their tails hosted by their rivals Everton on December 2nd.

But they were grateful for the brilliant reaction, except from Alison, to deny Andre Gomes during the open first half in which Xherdan Shaqiri and Sadio Mane approached the other end.

Divoko Origi celebrates his dramatic win against Everton

Divoko Origi celebrates his dramatic win against Everton

The selected second half of the screen by Marco Silva seemed to have earned Everton a point but replacing Divoko Origi by mistake by York Pickford in the 96th minute to win vital three points for the Reds.

It was a bizarre winner after Virgil van Dijk's trimmed shot returned to the game after Origi greeted his first goal in Liverpool in May 2017.

Injuries to the city

Despite the new failure of Kevin de Bruin in November, City looked almighty until they traveled to Chelsea on December 8, where the defeat of 2-0, along with the Liverpool 4-0 win in Bournemouth, meant a change to the top.

But the defeat of the first league in the season also came with an additional blow from injury to David Silva's torso, and it's not just in the creative department where City suffered.

Manchester City badly misses Fernandinho against the Palace and Leicester

Manchester City badly misses Fernandinho against the Palace and Leicester

Fernandinho's loss with the thighs, entering the holiday period, underlined exactly why Guardiola wanted to sign another defensive midfielder during the summer.

The win of the City title was additionally hit by defeats at Crystal Palace and Leicester on both sides of Christmas in the absence of Fernandino, allowing Liverpool to lead a significant lead on the top.

Liverpool hit five past Arsenal

Liverpool faced a real test of their titles by visiting Arsenal on Anfield on Saturday, but hours after Spurs fell 3-1 to Wolverhampton, Clopp's men opened a 9-point lead with a 5-1 victory on the side of Unai Emery.

Liverpool hit five goals past Arsenal

Liverpool hit five goals past Arsenal

However, it was their most precise state of intent. Liverpool were lagging behind in the Einsley Maitland-Niles goal, but they reacted in a stunning style, scoring four goals before the half hour and adding their fifth in the second half, while Roberto Firmino finished with a hat-trick.

Manchester City reduced the lead to Liverpool by nine points to seven, with a 3-1 victory over Southampton on the following day, but the way Reds destroyed Arsenal was a message to their rivals who set the Thursday's score at the Etiquette Stadium perfectly.

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