Monday , May 17 2021

PlayStation Classic Games, ranked

A few decades ago, I played on each of the 20 games included in the upcoming PlayStation Classic to the finish. Today, I made this video to rank all.

Small classic retro consoles are a fairly new phenomenon, although Nintendo's efforts are so good that fools like me have already developed idealistic criteria for what types of games should be included. My criteria are simple: the main priority when choosing games for these things should be to pay game collectors.

PlayStation was my favorite game console. It introduced me to so many strange new alternative genres and wild perspectives of existing genres. The library is a rich tapestry with unique collectibles and fascinating curiosities. Her mini console should reflect this.

That is not.

I would prefer it if this thing happened Mega Man legends, Alundra, and Suikoden II. A packed concert, Vandal Srca, Tramp story, Bushido Blade– I have to physically refrain from writing more games that I would like to be on this job. You can hear what I mentioned about a billion of them during this video.

If you just want to know which game I put in the first place, it is Wild Arms. Number two is Jumping Flash. Numbers three, four, and five are probably games you think are. The rest of the list is very personal and ridiculously subjective, so you probably need to watch my video.

You can, of course, also read the review of Chris Kohler.

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Although, like, I animated some really wild rotating forms for my video. The text has no rotating forms. That's why you need to watch my video.

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