Sunday , May 16 2021

Planet Earth is working on Mars 3 landing to track InSight

CAPE CANARVER, Florida – As the newest resident of Mars settles, planet Earth is working on three more fliers and at least two orbits to join the scientific Mars Brigade.

Space NASA's Insight dropped to Mars on Monday.

InSight – the eighth successful Mars march – should complete the two years digging and monitoring the earthquake since the trenches arrive from the United States, Europe, and China.

Mars 2020 NASA will catch stones that could show evidence of ancient microbial life and break them into a safe place to return to Earth.

European-Russian ExoMars will also sniff a possible life-span. The Mars Mars 2020 will also have an orbiter and a flyer. The United Arab Emirates, meanwhile, aims to send its first space ship, an orbiter, to Mars in 2020.

Martha Dan, Associated Press

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