Friday , May 7 2021

Phyllis, sailors "In serious conversations" for Jean Segura Trade

December 3: Right Anthony Swarats, whose acquisition of Metz is not yet official, "it's believed" that it will go to Filies in the trade, tweets Bob Nightengil from the United States today.

Swarzak is part of the bundled package that goes from Mets to the sailors to Robinson Kano/Edwin Diaz blockbuster, although his involvement in that swap was largely a means of neutralizing the salary. Probably, this would also be the case here, even though veteran Svarac could also be given the opportunity to keep a seat in the Philadelphia pen. He is, after all, only one season removed from a great campaign split between White Sox and Brewers. Swarzak, 34, owed $ 8 million in 2019 and is a free agent next in the offseason.

December 2, 11:16: Segura, "and perhaps another player" will go to Philips in exchange for a commercial package, including Santana and Crawford, Seattle Times "Ryan Devish reports. It is still unclear whether Segura will give up its non-trade clause, although the figures of Sedash will want to leave the restored sailors. Nez Ballello, agent of Segura, says Heyman that it is not inevitable that his client will give up the trade-off clause. "If the treaty makes sense for Jean, then he will think and have a lot of variables that should be taken into consideration to give up the full without trade and moveSaid Ballello.

10:40 am: Segura is expected to give up his non-trading clause to adjust to the deal, reports by, Jon Paul Morosi (Twitter Link).

9:59 pm: Both teams agreed with the trade "in principle," Bob Nightengil of the United States today tweets. The deal will be announced on Monday, and Crawford will be part of a return to Seattle. There was speculation that Carlos Santana could be sent to M, in order to balance the money involved in the deal, for example Brand is John Hayman, although "Sailors can be resistant to it". Santana's involvement would add a whole new dimension to this trade, as the first low-income player owed $ 35 million over the next two years. The sailors took them Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarats back from Mets to help compensate the salary of Kano, however.

21:10: Philips and sailors are "in serious talks" about trafficking that would send manipulations Jean Segura in Philadelphia, reports by Athletic Ken Rozental (Twitter Link). Segura will have to give up its non-trade clause to allow this move. Rosenthal writes that "M" has [their] the next deal set up "after the trade of Robinson Kano and Edwin Diaz becomes official, and since that agreement could be finalized by Monday, it suggests a possible time frame for any potential Segura movement. Yesterday, Rosenthal announced that Seattle was interested in Phyllis' highest peak J. P. Crawford as a potential part of the return of Segura.

Segura was initially affiliated with Phyllis last week, and he is a popular figure in trade rumors, as Moniciers switched to pay cutting regimes. Yenkis also had an interest in Segura, while Padres and Mariners discussed a potential blockbuster that would send Segura and Mike Lake in San Diego in exchange for Wil Myers. With line .308 / .353 / .449 and 41 homers over the last three seasons, it is not surprising that Segura generates this interest. He did not turn 29 years to March, and he controls the 2022 season through an agreement that will pay $ 58 million over these four seasons (including a $ 1 million purchase for an option of $ 17 million for 2023).

Shortstop was the main problem area for Phillies last season, since Crawford did not show much in limited MLB activities, and super-communist Scott Kingier also does not produce the position in his first major season of the league. Mani Machado was widely speculated to be the main target for Phillips this winter, although in case of trade with Segura, Machado will be followed as a third leader, while Segura copes with an accident.

Dealing with Segura will be the final move in a rather staggering overhaul, orchestrated by Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto, who has already been traded James Paxton, Mike Zunino, Alex Kolom, and (all but officially) Kano and Diaz in less than four weeks. Leake and Kyle Siger are also being bought because Dipoto is trying to move as long as possible the long-term commitment to reposition M to return the claim in 2020 or 2021. These contracts have already prompted the sailors to have a significant number of young talents to help their system, and even more could be on their way through the Segura deal, or if the Dipoto is considering moving with more controlled talent Mitch Haniger or Marco Gonzalez. Crawford, for example, was the consensus of the top 16 chance in the sport (according to Baseball America and Baseball America) in each of the last three seasons, although his relative lack of success at Triple-A level slightly reduced his stakes.

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