Sunday , July 25 2021

Perez expects to pay extra for blowing up engine at Bahrain Grand Prix at Sakir

Sergio Perez has qualified for an impressive fifth for the second consecutive weekend in Bahrain, but he is cautious about his prospects in Sunday’s Sakir Grand Prix, as the Racing Point driver will compete with the old Mercedes drive.

Perez was due to take the podium for the second time in a row in Bahrain when the MGU-K failed in the final laps, causing so much damage to the power unit that he was forced to return to the older engine in the pool.

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The Mexican, who thinks he uses the old engine, costs about two tenths of a second per lap, was second fastest in Q2, but could not keep up with the pace of either Mercedes, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen or Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in Q3.

“I think it is [fifth] “As for where we ended up, I don’t think there was much to it.” “Given the age of the engine I work on here, after losing the fresh engine in the last race, I think we have been punished by it.

Sergio Perez suggests “old engine” will make things difficult for Mr Sakir

“Tomorrow will be a tough race for us tomorrow, here direct speed is key so we can race and pass, so there is still a lot to play for tomorrow and I hope we can win some good points and we hope to bring the engine home “

His teammate Lance Stroll finished down in 10th place, but after the session it appeared that he had damaged his floor in Q2, which means that he did not have the pace to compete properly in the last segment of qualifying.

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“We had a broken floor under Q2, so we lost the load on the back, we lost a lot of lap time in Q3,” he said. „[It broke on a] slightly restricting the output from [turn] eight, but it was not so cruel.

“I do not know what I. I think I know what happened. It’s a shame, because it was not really a limited exit and just destroyed the whole floor. “It’s really bad for the lap time, but it just sucks, because we had a lot more pace.”

He added: “It was not such a strong blow, so I am surprised that it was damaged so much.”

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