Friday , May 14 2021

People Are Physically Blocking Canada Post Trucks So They Can not Deliver Mail Even Though The Strike Is Officially Over

Despite the Canada Post strike officially ending, mail delivery is still majorly delayed and it's not just because of the massive backlog of packages. In support of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) who have been forced back to work by legislation, people are now protesting at a Canada Post facility in BC.

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In Richmond, BC a large number of concerned citizens and members of several other Canadian unions have picked up protests in the name of CUPW. They have set up a facility there, which is the third largest in the country and are currently blocking mail trucks from leaving.

CUPW said before the legislation was introduced that they thought it was unconstitutional and took away their right to strike. Now others are essentially striking in their name by blocking any Canada Post trucks from driving on or off the property.

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In response to the protests, Canada Post acknowledged this would lead to more delays in mail service. They said "As a result, there may not be a commercial induction of mail and pickups in that area today. Canada Post is making every effort to minimize service disruptions and resolve the situation."

The picketers who have gathered outside the Richmond facility are planning to stay there until tonight. They're carrying signs reading "negotiate do not legislate" and chanting to "fight back" and saying the government and the Canada Post that "they do not like us, we do not care."

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Over the day there were over 50 protesters at this facility and they encourage other Canadians to join them at other large Post Office facilities across the country.

CUPW workers were forced to end their strike on Tuesday, November 27th after a bill was passed by the federal government to legislate them back to work. This came after more than 5 weeks of rotating strikes and mail disruptions in Canada.

Source: Open Paper

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