Monday , May 17 2021

Pascal Sikam is fun for the whole family

Photo by Von Ridley (Getty)

Six-foot nine and a terrible threat to a quick break? Check it out. Seven meters from three wings and can be included everywhere? Check it out. Speed ​​like speed and the slowest move of the movement? Check it out. Extremely powerful name? Check it out. A 26-point bomb dropped, 8-for-10 soldiers on the war? From last night, check out.

The defense is there. But in his third season, Raptors forward Pascal Sikam is now his eyebrows as soon as he gets the rock. (The end of the last season in the playoffs, watching him test his strokes for dribbling could pull the same reaction, but not always for good reasons.) Sikam disks might seem overwhelming, as someone working in the farthest array of handles – a player who saw each strip, no matter how clogged, as an opportunity for his favorite move.

Do not make a mistake: it's an amazing maneuver, one up watch all day. Cameroons thank him for his football background for all this gentle act. Many defenders have found themselves in a blender, even when they know well to expect it. Sometimes, Siam sets his legs before going to the bucket, but sets other times when he flees to a vast airborne space:

He can hit them, and considerably less the appearance of death, in a remarkable clip, maintaining a 67 percent effective percentage on the whole field. In this season, Siacak sharpened the best points of his own, a chaotic style of play: better decision-making, improved range (he's just a hair over the middle league of three of limited attempts) and melts the free throws (healthy 78 percent). With its physical specifications and comfort in many roles, Siakam's ideal future is like a faster DYMON-type that can do little on everything at both ends. Looking at him to reach that point, the skill of skill was joy.

Last night against poor warriors, he was able to show how dangerous he might be in any part of the offense. Do not let it run out, because if it's a race for your feet in the basket, you will lose.

Do not leave it with a slow disagreement on the perimeter:

And do not sleep on your craft around the edge:

Siakam is 24, so he needed the development of all these new layers in his game to happen sooner rather than later, but fortunately, it seems to be in full swing. He needs to continue, his versatility as a third option could help Raptors win the finals, where, I hope, they can give the world seven matches to stimulate like last night. Why could not this happen? The Raptors are 19-4, and they boast Kawhi, an endless bench, and this cool boy. More importantly, they no longer need to get out of their way under LeBron James.

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