Friday , May 7 2021

Packers fire chief trainer Mike McCarthy

Green Bay Packers fired coach Mike McCarthy and made offensive co-ordinator Joe Filbin as an interim head coach.

The move announced by the team's president, Marc Murphy, came after an incredible loss from 20-17 a week to cardinals in Arizona, reducing Green Bay to 4-7-1.

Murphy said in a statement that the 2018 season "did not meet the expectations and standards of Green Bay Packers." As a result, I made a difficult decision to release Mike McCarthy from his role as head coach as soon as it is realized. "

Murphy said the recruitment process for the next coach will begin immediately.

McCarthy was in his 13th season as a coach. The Packers won the Super Bowl under McCarthy in the 2010 season. It ends with a record of 125-77-2.

"Mike was a great head coach and leader of the Packers over the 13 seasons, during which time we had great success on and off the field," Murphy said.

But this is the third consecutive year in which Green Bay continued the fighting.

In 2016, Packers started 4-6, and then won eight consecutive matches to reach the NFC title, losing to the Atlantic Falcons. Green Bay finished with 7-9 and missed the playoffs in 2017, when Aaron Rogers missed a lot of time with a broken key bone.

Fan prompts a sign directed to Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy during the second half against the Arizona Cardinals. (Jeffrey Phelps / Associated Press)

McCarthy shook his training staff, including the return of Filbin as an offensive coordinator and engaging Mike Petine to replace Dom Kappes as a defensive coordinator. Different problems arose.

This year, Rogers hurt his left knee in the season, but now he feels better. The receivers Randall Cobb and Geronimo Alison missed the time with injuries. The same issues continued to appear for the offense, most obviously, empty third falls and lack of explosive performances.

Rogers was asked after the match – but before McCarthy's announcement was made – how many blame should be blamed if the attackers made a coaching change after the season.

"Yes, very likely. We did not play very well," Rogers said. "We are all contributing to the disappointments and failings that we had this season, we had a lot of opportunities, not as if we were blown up in many games.

Cob's return on Sunday did not help, with the Pacers only 3 of 14 on third falls.

Rogers on a repetition

"I hate to repeat, but it's applicable … We do not do the right path," Rogers said.

"It's bad dumping, not on the same receiver page, wrong depth, protection," he added. "We all have a stake in it and we all have chosen our time to mess up a third down."

The opening of the fourth quarter was a perfect example of Green Bay's abusive battles. Rogers found Cobb to finish the 36-yard to third and 11, but the play was erased by Jason Sprigs's right-hand scorers.

Rogers said his focus is to make his teammates "play with that pride" and focus on the next four games.

"Yes, I do not think I think about it at all," Rogers said when asked whether he would have a role after the season with general manager Brian Gutecunst or Murphy on how to go with the coach.

Offensive players, said Rogers, accuse her of what is happening in the future.

"Yes, very likely," he said. "We did not play very well."

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