Monday , May 17 2021

Overwatch artist creates an incredible concept for the lunar New Year for the Widowmaker |

The overturned fan and artist Antonio Demicio has overcome the incredible lunar New Year's skin concept that is absolutely perfect for the Widowmaker.

Demico made a ton with an excellent overwatch concept, most of which can be found on his Twitter page.

The inspiration for his latest piece of art comes from the Chinese folk "Legend of the White Snake" (白蛇), in which the serpent turns into a woman because she falls in love, for which Demiko thought something was wrong with what happened to a widow and her husband.

For those who do not know, Widowmaker killed her husband after being kicked out of the brain and turned into an assassin from Talon, hence the name "Widowmaker".

Antonio Demiko

The skin can be the best of Demiko because it has all sorts of snakes and stairs everywhere, and the image itself looks like a white cobra.

Her rifle also got an upgrade, with the same white and snake patterns that the skin does, along with cool-looking cobra stocks.

Demiko even redesigns the widow's widow's tattoo to go along with the topic of the snake skin.

Antonio Demiko

The widow received the skin of the lunar New Year called "Black Lily" in 2018, but fans are unlikely to bother if they get another, especially if it looked good like this.

The outward appearance of the Lunar New Year of the Overwatch began on January 24 and takes place until February 18, which is Monday after the first weekend of the Overwatch League

Although the widow (unfortunately) did not get new skin this year, Demiko did not allow it to prevent him from creating one of the best concepts of the widow's skin that we once saw.

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